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Provincial Teacher's Dispute Backgrounder, Spring/Summer 2014

The acrimonious nature of discussions between the BCTF and the Provincial Government made another turn this week, with an escalation of labour action in the way of announced rotating strikes for May 26-29.

To provide some background on the path towards that development, we offer up some of the past items   from a range of sources on the dispute.  Our original items on the theme will be indicated by the NCR notation.

For items on education related to School District 52 see our archive page here.

This archive page on the dispute will be updated as events move forward during the current negotiations.


August 31-- B. C. students will be late to class after mediator walks away from teacher talks
August 31-- School in B. C. will not begin on time: Negotiator
August 31-- Veteran Mediator walks out on talks between BCTF and government; no school for BC kids on Tuesday
August 31-- Teachers and Government respond to Bargaining Impasse
August 30-- Mediator walks away from B. C. Teachers' strike talks
August 30-- B. C. Teachers Strike: Vince Ready walks out of talks
August 30-- Teachers' strike: Mediator walks away Saturday saying sides are too far apart
August 30-- Education might be "essential," but striking teachers and B. C. government aren't acting like it
August 30-- Three Reasons Teachers Must Keep Picketing to Keep Pressure on BC Gov't
August 30-- Ready walks away from Teacher Talks
August 30-- Parents asked to follow media as teachers, province continue to end strike
August 30-- Parents and Students in Limbo as Teacher talks continue
August 29-- BCCPAC Letter to Vince Ready
August 29-- When Could classes start?
August 29-- B. C. Teachers losing public support as strike drags on
August 29-- B. C. Districts hold off telling parents school is cancelled due to teachers' strike
August 29-- B. C. Teachers asked to hold province-wide vote on whether to suspend strike
August 29-- Support for B. C. teachers eroding slightly, poll finds
August 29-- Negotiators get down to business in B. C. teachers' strike but sides still far apart
August 29-- B. C. School Districts watching strike negotiations
August 29-- History of bitterness between B. C.'s teachers and governments
August 29-- B. C. teachers and employers ready for marathon bargaining
August 29-- Teachers, province to continue mediated talks Friday
August 29-- Teachers struggling to make ends meet, look for second jobs
August 29-- B. C. Teachers and employer to bring bargaining committees to meeting with Vince Ready
August 28-- Mediator meets with teachers union president, government negotiator today
August 28-- Who is mediator Vince Ready?
August 28-- Fassbender's Three Steps to a Settlement, Translated
August 28-- The miracle man: Why all things hinge on mediator Vince Ready
August 28-- Put strike savings back into B. C. schools, says B. C. School Trustees Association president
August 28-- BCTF should jump at the chance to get Ready involved in teachers' dispute
August 28-- Mediator Vince Ready says BCTF and B. C. government still very far apart
August 28-- Fassbender urges BCTF to pause strike for mediation - and to forget about class size and composition
August 28-- Cousins Not Keen on Cooling Off Period
August 28-- Mediator talks in teachers' dispute to resume tomorrow
August 27-- B. C. teachers' strike looms over start of school year
August 27-- Prince Rupert School District, teachers await word on plans for new year
August 26-- Lost wages are putting pressure on teachers, just as the B. C. Government hoped
August 26-- B. C. Students lose faith in teachers' union, government
August 26-- Teachers call for immediate mediation
August 26-- Breaking a media blackout, Education Minister Hurt the Deal
August 26-- Teachers' dispute clock ticks on start of school year
August 26-- B. C. teachers return to picket lines
August 25-- Child care potions for Prince George, Prince Rupert ...
August 25-- What's Jamming Teacher Bargaining?
August 25-- B. C. Liberals are hoping to bankrupt the BCTF
August 25-- Burnaby parents fed up with teacher labour dispute
August 25-- B. C. Teachers return to picket lines, 'intensify the pressure' on government
August 25-- Teachers return to the picket lines as Fassebender, Iker trade jabs in B. C.'s schools strike blame game
August 25-- BCTF leader calls for mediation to begin Monday
August 24-- BCTF's Jim Iker calls on govern to enter mediation Monday
August 24-- Teachers will resume picketing this week, says union president
August 24-- BCTF asks for mediation
August 22-- B. C. teachers' union blasts province for media talks
August 22-- The disgraceful truth about the B. C. school's shutdown
August 21-- Parent's may have to wait another week to learn student's first-day fate
August 21-- School looms, So Why's No One Bargainng?
August 21-- No easy end to government-teacher contract dispute: Fassbender
August 21-- Minister blasts B. C. teachers union for Kamloops trip
August 21-- BCTF calls out B. C. education minister for talking to media
August 20-- Parents call for action to ensure schools open September 2
August 20-- Gov't Strike Website Part of $335,000 "Parent Information" Campaign
August 20-- Gov't Website a "Strong Arm" Tactic against Teachers: Labour Experts
August 15-- Government giving teachers shock therapy
August 15-- Mediator Poised to Jump into Teacher Dispute
August 14-- Parents get website guide to teacher strike
August 14-- Teacher standoff a manufactured crisis
August 14-- How is Teachers' Strike Affecting Poor BC Families?
August 13-- Ideology, Not Money, Holds Back Teacher Contract: BC Cons
August 12-- B. C. uses shrewd negotiating tactic in teachers' strike
August 11-- B. C. teachers, employer plan more contract talks
August 11-- B. C. Teachers' strike: talks resume with time running out
August 8-- B. C. teachers, government take weekend break from negotiations
August 8-- BCTF and government back at the bargaining table Friday
August 8-- Teachers, province to continue bargaining next week
August 8-- BCTF and province get back to bargaining
August 7-- Dissenting Teacher: "We Have to Own Part of This"
August 7-- Cautious optimism as BCTF and government resume bargaining tomorrow
August 6-- Odds favour pessimists in teacher talks
August 6-- Why Gov't Must Settle with Teachers now
August 6-- With Parent Payout, Clark's Harpooning of BC Schools continues
August 5-- B. C.'s teachers don't deserve to go 20 weeks without pay
August 5-- Paying parents won't settle teachers' strike
August 5-- New proposals coming in teacher talks
August 5-- B. C. Teachers' union and employer head back to table with full bargaining teams
August 5-- Christy Clark's Forty Bucks a Day Zombie Tactic
August 5-- B. C. education minister encouraged as teachers, employer get ready to resume talks
August 5-- Fassebender optimistic as teachers' union, employer head back to table with full bargaining teams
August 4-- Christy Clark's Forty Bucks a Day Zombie Tactic
August 2-- Negotiators for teachers and government to meet for first time in a month
August 2-- Paying parents is not a good idea
August 2-- Education is essential - up to a point
August 2-- Striking B. C. teachers, government to return to contract talks
August 1-- Reaction mixed to B. C.'s offer to give parents $40/day for children if school strike continues
August 1-- B. C. teachers union blasts offer to cover daycare fees
August 1-- Strike savings diverted, and LNG promised redefined
August 1-- Government to give parents $40 a day for children if school strike continues
August 1-- B. C. teachers' strike: CBC readers slam government $40 a day per child offer
August 1-- B. C. teachers' union and employer to meet for first time in more than a month
August 1-- Talks to end B. C. teachers' strike resume August 8
August 1-- Parents to get $40 a day per child if teachers strike goes into September
August 1-- Teacher talks to resume August 8
August 1-- B. C. parents to get $40 per day for child care costs if teachers' strike goes into September


July 31-- $40 a day for parents if BCTF strike drags on
July 31-- BCTF baffled by B. C. govt's $40 a day proposal
July 31-- B. C. parents to receive $40 per day per child under 13 if teachers' strike drags on
July 24-- It's time that the government and the teachers' union reached a deal
July 22-- School board fears teachers' strike will drive foreign students away
July 21-- B. C. teachers' strike: both sides talking about resuming negotiations
July 19-- Government content to wait out strike
July 18-- De Jong abdicates education responsibility
July 17-- Do Parent Advocates Matter in Education Politics?
July 17-- Both sides talk about mediation, but neither is budging
July 15-- B. C. won't impose settlement in teachers' dispute, finance minister says
July 15-- Why BC Libs Push to Privatize Public Education
July 15-- Teachers strike gong show to simmer all summer
July 15-- Striking teachers say no contact from government despite premier's claim
July 10-- Who Says Teacher Bargaining is Broken?
July 7-- Bill Good and Rod Mickleburgh - The Teacher Government battlefield (audio)
July 6-- Binding arbitration unlikely in teacher dispute
July 5-- Education on trial: Freedom of association clashes with the public purse
July 5-- Interest in private schools spikes with no end to B. C. teachers' strike in sight
July 4-- Contract feud expected to continue through summer
July 4-- Summer School Cancellations Set back Cash Strapped Districts
July 4-- "One per cent apart on wages" technically not true, says BCTF
July 2-- Vancouver joins growing list of districts cancelling summer school
July 2-- B. C. teachers' strike: 2nd potential mediator refuses job
July 2-- BCTF says picket lines will remain up all summer
July 2-- BCTF and BCPSEA denied by another mediator
July 2-- Talks between BCTF and Government break down
July 2-- Mediation ruled out for BC Teacher dispute
July 1-- Talks between government and BCTF resume Tuesday as bonus deadline passes
July 1-- With Teacher Contract, Clark Could've Lifted Women Workers Up


June 30-- Silence on Teacher Contract Deadline Day
June 28-- Some summer school courses are "essential" labour board says
June 27-- BC Administrators want a negotiated teacher deal, too
June 26-- BC Teacher to Ministry: How Can I Possibly Formulate Grades?
June 26-- An update on summer school 2014
June 25-- Teacher's dispute is personal for Premier Clark
June 25-- Without a deal, Teachers will picket summer schools
June 24-- A brief history of teacher demands
June 24-- School trustees urge B. C. government and teachers to get back to bargaining now
June 24-- Teachers' dispute is personal for Premier Clark
June 24-- Thousands of B. C. students will not get report cards
June 24-- Report cards still expected in Prince Rupert School District

June 23-- Report cards next casualty of school strike
June 23-- Veteran mediator Vince Ready declines to help end B. C. teachers strike
June 23-- BCTF has ruined the professionalism of teachers

June 22-- Teachers' dispute still without mediator
June 22-- Mediator declines to work teachers strike

June 21-- B. C. government has reached out to veteran mediator Vince Ready to resolve teachers strike
June 21-- B. C. government, teachers approach mediator
June 21-- Liberals waiting on mediator in bid to solve teachers' strike
June 21-- Teachers, Victoria "Ready" for intervention in dispute
June 21-- In dispute with teachers, Liberals have leverage
June 21-- Province agrees to mediator in teacher talks

June 20-- As strike continues, Teacher Bargaining Facilitator steps aside
June 20-- Ontario teachers pledge $1.5 million to help striking B. C. educators
June 20-- Facilitator books it after year of back-and-forth over B. C. teachers' contract
June 20-- B. C. teachers' request for a mediator a new point of contention for employers
June 20-- Province agrees to mediator in teacher talks
June 20-- B. C. teachers' strike: government agrees to Vince Ready as mediator
June 20-- B. C. Teachers' strike: class size and composition are key issues
June 20-- B. C. teachers' request for mediator a new point of contention for employers

June 19-- BCTF calls for mediator in teachers' dispute; Fassbender calls on BCTF to "be realistic"
June 19-- "Disappointed" Fassbender says government and union have moved further apart
June 19-- Teacher demands "too high " for mediation
June 19-- B. C. teachers' strike: "Note even close" to deal, says education minister
June 19-- Teachers call on mediator as B. C. negotiations reach impasse
June 19-- B. C. teachers promised $1.5 M at downtown Vancouver rally

June 18-- CUPE says education support workers to be paid for wages lost during teachers strike
June 18-- Surrey Teachers Association opens food bank for striking teachers
June 18-- B. C. teachers deserve our support in fight for kids

June 17-- Negotiations resume in B. C. teachers' dispute
June 17-- What Clark gains by calling teacher bargaining broken
June 17-- Provincial exams to go ahead for Charles Hays students  NCR
June 17-- School's out - but this is not time for celebration
June 17-- A look at what's on the table between the BCSPEA and the BCTF
June 17-- Get deal in private, mediator tells B. C. teachers and government
June 17-- Teachers and government - So close, and yet so far
June 17-- Teacher talks get close, then fall to pieces
June 17-- B. C. Teachers escalate job action to full walkout
June 17-- Negotiations collapse in teachers' dispute; both sides point fingers
June 17-- Teachers' strike: A primer for parents

June 16-- B. C. teachers' strike: latest offer blasted by union members
June 16-- Teacher Strike "Imminent" as Sides Remain Far Apart
June 16-- Full Scale Teacher Strike Appears Imminent
June 16-- Government 'squandered' opportunity to get a deal: Iker
June 16-- Prince Rupert teachers Sing for Change in Front of the Court House
June 16-- BCTF says strike imminent after B. C. squandered opportunity to strike a deal
June 16-- Education talks break down; Teacher's strike looms for Tuesday!  NCR

June 15-- BCTF, BCPSEA continue bargaining talks
June 15-- Talks grind on for B. C. teachers, employers
June 15-- Public vs. Private schools in B. C., a philosophical difference
June 15-- Victoria teachers to review bargaining, rally at legislature

June 14-- No comment from BCTF or government as bargaining talks continue
June 14-- Christy Clark to education minister: fix the bargaining system

June 13-- The hot issue of funding private schools amid B. C. labour dispute
June 13-- Class size, composition issues too complex
June 13-- B. C. Teachers' Federation jump-starts marathon bargaining session with new proposal

June 12-- BCTF formally issues 72 hour strike notice
June 12-- B. C. schools close Monday as teachers in 'study session' then begin full-scale strike Tuesday

June 11-- BCTF sets course for full strike on Tuesday; study session planned for Monday  NCR
June 11-- B. C. teachers' strike: No classes Monday, full strike Tuesday
June 11-- BC teachers to serve 72 hour strike notice
June 11-- B. C. teachers to begin full-scale strike on Tuesday, June 17
June 11-- B. C. teachers to begin full-scale strike Tuesday, according to BCTF email
June 11-- B. C. teachers to serve strike notice
June 11-- Union tells teachers to be prepared for full walkout as soon as Tuesday
June 11-- B. C. teachers to serve notice to start full-scale strike Tuesday
June 11-- B.C. teachers' union votes to authorize full-scale strike, could call one next week
June 11-- B. C. teachers vote 86 per cent for all-out strike
June 11-- Teachers must consider other public-sector deals
June 11-- Teachers hit the pavement today, full strike threatened
June 11-- Teachers vote 86 per cent in favour of full-scale strike
June 11-- Uncertainty for families while B. C. teachers hold off giving strike notice
June 11-- Teachers vote Overwhelmingly to walk out on classes

June 10-- Class size and composition issues are too complex for arbitrator
June 10-- CUPE shows how bargaining can work
June 10-- CUPE deal gives teachers food for thought
June 10-- Half of B. C. parents support the province's teachers in their ongoing labour dispute: new online poll
June 10-- Vote by B. C. teachers could result in full-scale strike beginning next Monday

June 9-- B. C. school support staff reach 5 year deal

June 8-- Province warns parents to prepare for full-scale teachers strike
June 8-- What happens if there's a full walkout?
June 8-- School support workers reach contract deal
June 8-- B. C. reaches tentative deal with school support staff
June 8-- Teachers Prepare for Full Strike
June 8-- BCTF running out of options: expert

June 7-- Regaining respect for Education
June 7-- LRB urged to make exams, grades essential in full teachers strike

June 8-- BCTF and the art of using Kids as leverage
June 6-- B. C. should make class size concessions
June 6-- B. C. government seeks order forcing teachers to mark exams
June 6-- Google searches in B. C. for 'private schools' have surged since teachers' strike began
June 6-- A history of bad faith in B. C. Liberals' dealings with teachers
June 6-- Teachers' strike fund has run dry ahead of vote on full-scale walkout
June 6-  B. C. teachers 'prepared' for full-scale strike without pay, union president says
June 6-- B. C. teachers' strike fund running out ahead of vote
June 6-- B. C. teachers' strike: Will students' exams get marked?

June 5-- Round three of rotating BCTF Strikes set for Wednesday, June 11 in Prince Rupert  NCR
June 5-- Grade 12 exams will go on, minister vows
June 5-- Does it help to Say Teachers and Gov't are in a Bad Marriage?
June 5-- B. C. teachers' strike pay running out; minister promises students will complete year
June 5-- Labour Relations Board win means B. C. Liberals' strategy intact

June 4-- B. C. Teachers' union threatens full-scale strike
June 4-- Teachers vow Full-scale Strike Vote next week
June 4-- Teachers may begin full-scale strike after losing LRB decision on 10 per cent pay cut
June 4-- BCTF Threatens full-scale teachers' strike in next two weeks
June 4-- B. C. Teachers to vote on full strike after wage cut ruled legal
June 4-- B. C. Teachers considering full scale strike
June 4-- LRB rules docking pay of teachers is legal; BCTF to vote on potential full scale strike next week  NCR
June 4-- Employer wrong on Class Size, Composition: Ungerleider
June 4-- B. C. teachers roll back salary demands by one per cent, but employer shrugs it off as "disappointing"
June 4-- Striking B. C. teachers reduce wage demand
June 4-- Prince Rupert students join province-wide walkout
June 4-- Overheard on the Prince Rupert teacher's picket line

June 3-- Class size affects more than education: professor
June 3-- BCCPAC seeks immediate end to Teacher Strike and Lockout
June 3-- Teachers and Gov't Need Relationship counselling
June 3-- Negotiating tactics no benefit to kids
June 3-- Cooling-off period would help everyone in teachers' dispute, especially school support workers
June 3- More students means good news, bad news

June 2-- Class composition is about more than education, it's about democracy (audio)
June 2-- Teachers' strike leaves parents organizing kids' track meet
June 2-- B. C. students plan walkout to protest being caught in middle of teachers' dispute
June 2-- Parents backing B. C. teachers on picket line
June 2-- Two sides not close to a deal in B. C. teachers' dispute
June 2-- Fassbender takes shots at the BCTF, says they aren't even close in talks
June 2-- BCTF thinks strikes, lockout could be over as early as next week: BCCPAC


May 30-- Upside for Independents in BC Schools scrap
May 30-- Striking B. C. teachers fight lockout pay cut at LRB
May 30-- Lack of trust means more melodrama
May 30-- Frustrated parents' group considering its own pressure tactics to end teachers' dispute
May 30-- BCCPAC may be ready to jump into dispute between province and teachers
May 30-- Employer tells Labour Relations Board it's entitled to cut striking teachers' pay
May 30-- Kootenay Lake school psychologist works 70 hours unpaid OT, then gets cheque docked for "job action"

May 29-- B. C. Labour board hears argument for teachers' pay cut during job action
May 29-- Prince Rupert Teachers Rally in Spite of Lock-Outs
May 29-- BCTF to continue rotating strikes next week; labour hearing scheduled for this morning
May 29-- Bitter dispute drags on between BCFT and B. C. government

May 28-- Clark's conundrum: To antagonize or to play nice with a militant BCTF?
May 28-- B. C. Teachers to continue rotating strikes next week
May 28-- Prince Rupert teachers to return to the picket lines on Monday NCR
May 28-- B. C. Teachers' strike: decision expected today on next move
May 28-- No progress at teacher bargaining table

May 27-- For BCTF, enemy of their enemy is a (fairweather) friend
May 27-- "Close to zero" chance of dissatisfied teachers breaking away from BCTF: expert
May 27-- Lack of trust beans more melodrama
May 27-- Teachers' dispute is a neverending soap opera
May 27-- Don't Forget Who's in charge of BC's Teacher Troubles
May 27-- Christy Clark wants resolution to teachers' dispute soon after LRB meeting
May 27-- Private school enrollment up with no worries of labour disruption
May 27-- Teacher lockouts begin as negotiations fail
May 27-- BC Teachers Strike Rotates to Prince Rupert, Bulkley Valley Districts today

May 26-- B. C. teachers strike as sides return to negotiating table
May 26-- First day of strike hits Terrace schools
May 26-- Parents can hang blame on B. C. Premier Clark
May 26-- Are Teachers Clued in to what their union demands?
May 26-- B. C. braces for four days of rotating teachers strikes, and maybe more to come
May 26-- B. C. Government: No legislation planned for teacher strike
May 26-- BC Teachers begin rotating strike today
May 26-- Rotating Teacher Strikes Begin Today
May 26-- Teachers picket schools as both sides posture, but no talks planned
May 26-- BCTF President cites Worksafe BC concerns over withdrawal of extracurricular activities
May 26-- Fassbender blasts union on first day of rotating strikes
May 26-- Picket Lines up at schools in 17 BC districts today
May 26-- Rotating Teacher Strikes Underway today, as the Education Minister enters the fray!  NCR

May 25-- First day of B. C. teachers' stage two job action begins Monday: 17 school districts will be closed
May 25-- B. C. braces for four days of rotating teacher strikes, and maybe more to come
May 25-- Lockouts instil confusion for everyone doing school extracurricular activities
May 25-- Dispute between B. C. teachers, province leads to rotating strikes
May 25-- B. C. teachers' rotating strike: Schools closed Monday
May 25-- BC Liberal legislation to blame for education disruptions
May 25-- Parents should blame teachers for rotating strike action
May 25-- Parents sing school-strike blues as teacher walk-outs begin in B. C.

May 24-- Who is the Man Steering the Fortunes of BC Teachers?

May 23-- Education critic's message to the Premier "Get involved or get out of the way"
May 23-- Same rhetoric but different rules in this B. C. teachers' strike
May 23-- B. C. and its teachers agree on one thing - to suspend contract talks
May 23-- Teacher Talks on Hold As Rotating Strikes Loom
May 23-- B. C. Teachers' strike:  8 things you need to know
May 23-- Teacher dispute may disrupt students' grad, year end exams
May 23-- Teachers' dispute: Negotiators pull the plug on Friday's bargaining talks
May 23-- B. C. Teachers, employer suspend contract talks ahead of Monday strike action

May 22-- Labour feud casts pall over end-of-school festivities
May 22-- The war in the classroom (audio)
May 22-- As the picket lines go up, both teachers and government need to get their priorities straight
May 22-- B. C. Teachers and province disagree on exam marking
May 22-- B. C. Teachers dispute escalates as government threatens lockout
May 22-- BCTF and government spar over threat of partial teacher lockout
May 22-- Teachers, Employer Dispute "Lockout" Terms
May 22-- B. C. Teachers could be swayed by bonus
May 22-- Not a Love Story: The shared history of Christy Clark and the BC Teachers' Federation
May 22-- B. C.'s escalating labour dispute brings upheaval in public schools
May 22-- Blame Christy Clark if student activities cancelled, teachers' union says
May 22-- B. C. Teachers warn of disruptions as government threatens lockout
May 22-- B. C. Teachers' dispute heats up as union responds to threatened lockout
May 22-- B. C. Teachers won't mark exams during lockout
May 22-- School District 52 outlines plans for Tuesday's teachers strike  NCR
May 22-- BCTF responds to employer's salary rollback and lock out plans  NCR

May 21-- Timeline of the long and troubled bargaining history of B. C.'s teachers and the provincial government
May 21-- Ready for mediation? Probably  not - Liberals, teachers nowhere near 'zone'
May 21-- B. C. Teachers threatened with partial lockout
May 21-- Government responds with lockout and salary reductions to BC teacher's strike escalation
May 21-- As the picket lines go up, both teachers and government need to get their priorities straight
May 21-- British Columbia to lock out teachers beginning Monday
May 21-- Employer tells teachers wage cuts are coming next week
May 21-- Premier Clark on CFOX regarding labour dispute (audio from CKNW 12:35-12:45 PM)
May 21-- Call in a mediator already and save us all the drama
May 21-- Everything you need to know about BC Teacher Bargaining

May 20-- BC's Teachers Begin Strikes Monday
May 20-- Rotating teacher strikes set to begin next week
May 20-- Government's bargaining is a mystery
May 20-- Rotating school strikes to start Monday
May 20-- With Teacher Ultimatum, BC Liberals Just Kicked the Hornet's Nest
May 20-- B. C. Teachers strike to start next week
May 20-- Rotating Strike for SD52 set for Tuesday, as BCTF announces rotating strike program from May 26-29   NCR
May 20-- BCTF escalating job action to include rotating walk-outs
May 20-- B. C. Teachers to begin rotating strikes next week

May 19-- "Unprecedented" number of B. C. teachers receive layoff notices

May 17-- Gov't Doles out Prizes, Punishments to Reach Teacher Deal

May 16-- Government proposes $1200 dollar teacher bonus; BCTF says no deal
May 16-- B. C. Teachers paycut threatened over limited job action
May 16-- Government Kills 10-Year Teacher Contract idea

May 15-- B. C. teachers to be offered 6 year term on new contract
May 15-- B. C. backs off for 10 year deal with teachers

May 14-- Employer's negotiator 'confrontational' at teacher bargaining session: union

May 13-- Rotating School Closures may be next in Provincial Labour Dispute NCR

May 12-- B. C. teachers' strike could escalate, parents warned

May 9-- Hundreds of Teachers across B. C. receiving layoff notices
May 8-- Education Minister shocked by teacher layoffs in SD43
May 8-- 630 Teachers laid off in Coquitlam

May 5-- Everything You Need to Know about BC Teacher Bargaining
May 1-- Re-engineering BC education amid bargaining strife

May 1-- B. C. Government raises stakes by forcing teachers' union to pay benefits during job action


April 30-- BCTF will have to pay teachers' benefits
April 30-- Delta teachers advised to cancel field trips for rest of school year
April 28-- Calls for 'big moves' at bargaining table, but no signs of deal in teachers' labour dispute
April 25-- Teachers fire back at employers' association
April 25-- Teachers' demands would put B. C.'s credit rating at risk: negotiator
April 25-- Teachers' union talks rotating strikes as negotiations stall

April 24-- Let's all do the math on B. C.'s teacher surplus
April 24-- Some school districts cancel recess during BCTF job action
April 23-- Teachers' Job Action starts today at B. C. Schools
April 23-- Teacher Job Action Begins Today
April 22-- Teachers and B. C. government must end ongoing bitterness with contract: parent
April 22-- Teachers Job Action Means No Recess for Students
April 22-- Prince Rupert Teachers' Union says cancelling recess unfair to students
April 21-- Limited Job Action by B. C. Teachers to begin Wednesday

April 21-- Teachers, employer threaten pressure tactics in contract negotiation
April 16-- BCTF waiting on LRB ruling on essential service levels 


March 10-- One of these wage offers is not like the others
March 7-- B. C. Teachers vote in favour of strike; province waiting for union to table demands
March 5-- Leaked document shows teachers preparing for B. C. wide strike, province says

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