Friday, May 23, 2014

Mystery Tsumami warning for North Coast on Environment Canada site

Considering our location on the shores of the Pacific, anytime the word Tsunami gets mentioned catches ones attention.

Such was the case this morning as we made our daily check of the local forecast, only to see an advisory that our Tsunami Warning had come to an end.

Now being a curious type, we decided it might be worth our time to head over to the USGS webiste, which provides the best delivery of earthquake information for North America. Looking to find out where, when and how strong any major earthquake on the Pacific may have been.

However, a look at the listings and maps provided there show no major incident of note today, nothing worthy of a Tsunami warning near as we can tell.

Likewise, a review of the items listed at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre provided few clues as to what Environment Canada was providing notice of.

Then it dawned on us, earlier this month we made not of Emergency Preparedness Week in British Columbia, the week dedicated to stressing to British Columbians that they need to prepare for any possible emergency.

Maybe the mystery notification is part of an education program to create awareness of our location and how information will be delivered should the need arise.

If so, mission accomplished!

If not... best to look over the emergency kit!

To review how you can be prepared for natural disasters consult the Emergency Management website

And then, there was an answer to the question of what the heck?

(Nice to know we are on the morning reading list at City Hall )

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