Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rotating School Closures may be next in Provincial Labour Dispute

 As of yet, there has been no notice delivered by School District 52 officials providing any form of an update on the status of labour negotiations in the province.

A situation that appears to put SD52 a bit behind the information delivery curve compared to other parts of the Province.

In recent days, many School Districts in other parts of British Columbia have offered up status updates and in some cases warnings to parents, suggesting that the next step in the ongoing labour dispute between the Province and BCTF may see rotating school closures across the province.

The Vancouver School Board outlined that prospect with this May 9th letter to parents, offering up a bit of advance notice as to where the labour dispute between the two sides may be heading next.

The most recent update to the SD52 website was provided back in April, when the School District advised that they were cancelling recess activities across the District.

On the negotiations front, the early stages of discussions between the BCTF and the Employers negotiators have apparently not provided for much in the way of progress, with the two sides still rather far apart on many of the key issues of concern.

The most recent flash points in the dispute involve the notice from Public Sectors Employers Association that they plan to turn over benefit payment requirements to the BCTF in event of a labour dispute.

BCTF will have to pay its members' benefits if an agreement is not reached in the labour dispute
Billing teachers necessary to prevent lengthy strike
B. C. Government raises stakes by forcing teachers' union to pay benefits during job action

Adding to the pressure of the ongoing labour situation of the last week, were a string of layoff notices issued for a number of School Districts, so far mainly in the Lower Mainland area, with the highest profile thus far the layoffs in Coquitlam.

Hundreds of teachers across B. C. receiving layoff notices
630 teachers laid off in Coquitlam
Education Minister shocked by teacher layoffs in SD43

In the wake of those developments, the BCTF has not yet outlined what its next steps will be in the dispute, nor has it offered up a timeline towards any potential further action.

The topic hasn't really been featured on the front burner of late, so for a little background on the current status of those negotiations and impact on school activities we offer up a few items for review below:

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