Monday, May 12, 2014

Municipal infrastructure projects may face delays according to FCM

The national body of Canadian municipalities is warning that delays by the Conservative Government in introducing its Building Canada program for 2014 could seem many municipalities put much needed infrastructure projects on the back burner.

The new plan, called the New Building Canada Plan,  which was introduced in February by the Federal Government is expected to direct billions of dollars in new funding over the then year life of its term. The majority of it directed towards a wide range of municipal infrastructure items.

The new program is to replace the previous version, which expired at the end of March.

Last week the Federation of Canadian Municipalities issued the warning, that the launch of the program has been steeped in confusion.

Key to the delays have been a number of requirements from the participating municipalities that were put in place at the last minute, which is making for delays in accessing the funding for the projects on civic works planning boards.

Those delays have left many municipalities frustrated that the 14 billion dollars allocated to the New Building Canada Fund is proving rather hard to access.

Particularly with the short windows of the spring and summer construction seasons for most communities already underway.

FCM President Claude Dauphin outlined some of the frustrations of his organization in this item from the National Post.

You can review more background on those concerns below:

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Infrastructure concerns have been a popular topic at Prince Rupert City Council in recent months, with a number of local projects highlighted as on the to do list.

Among them, bridge work on 2nd Avenue West and Sixth Avenue East as well as water line concerns and work to be done on the Shawatlan Lake Dam to name a few.

Some of the past Council reviews of infrastructure concerns can be found below:

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You can learn more about the New Building Canada Plan from the FCM website.

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