Sunday, July 12, 2015

Blog Watching, week ending July 12, 2015

Two issues on LNG involving First Nations of the region grabbed the bulk of the attention from readers over the last seven days.

Much interest was delivered towards our review of the plans of the Gitga'at First Nation to take their concerns over provincial consultation on LNG to courts, while another announcement this week, advising of the formation of the Tsimshian Environmental Stewardship Authority also attracted a fair bit of attention.

Other items of note on the week that attracted a large readership included our notes on the quick spreading news that there may be a new millionaire among us, with the news that a 6/49 million dollar ticket had been sold in the city.

Fire issues also dominated the top five items of the week, with our item on the major downtown fire that consumed the New Moon Restaurant and that apartments above it gaining a large audience, as did our review of the announcement from the City of Prince Rupert of a Fire ban being put into effect across the region.

However, the largest audience of the week was recorded as showing interest in the court room plans of the Gitga'at First Nation, that item of the last seven days is that one that tops our rankings.

Gitga'at First Nation seeking judicial review of BC consultation on LNG  -- The Gitga'at First nation head to the courts to outline their concerns over provincial consultation on LNG issues on the North Coast   (posted July 6, 2015)

The notes from the ongoing investigation was followed by:

Grab your lotto tickets! Someone has a million dollar smile this morning in Prince Rupert -- Wednesday's 649 draw became the talk of the town, with word of a ticket worth one million dollars sold in the city (posted July 9, 2015)

Overnight fire on Third Avenue West consumes New Moon Apartment building --  A major fire in the downtown area puts more residents out on the streets seeking new homes  (posted  July 5, 2015)

North Coast First Nations form Tsimshian Environmental Stewardship Authority  --  Five area First nations join forces to provide for overview on LNG issues on the North Coast  (posted  July 9, 2015)

Provincial Fire Band now includes City of Prince Rupert  -- With hot and dry conditions continuing on the North Coast, the start of the week brought the most unusual declaration of a Fire Ban for Prince Rupert, the first time that edict has been issued in recent memory  (posted July 7, 2015 )

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