Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cow Bay Rainbow Crosswalk project looks to crowd funding to raise money

Those looking to contribute towards a fund for the proposed Rainbow Crosswalk now have an online portal available to make a donation.

As we outlined earlier this week, while the concept of the crosswalk was approved by Prince Rupert city Council last month, not much progress has been made when it comes to putting paint down on pavement.

With the valuable summer painting days starting to grow few, the first move towards raising funds for the project was launched this week with the introduction of an indiegogo page dedicated to the Prince Rupert Rainbow Crosswalk Fund.

The campaign to raise the funds is looking for support both in Prince Rupert and across Canada with the fund described as looking to "help offset City costs" to create the Cow Bay Crosswalk.

The clock runs for sixty days on the funding initiative, with organizers planning to present the donations for the project to the city at the end of that time period.

You can learn more about the campaign from the contribution page here.

More on the funding initiative can be reviewed from the Prince Rupert Pride Facebook page.

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