Thursday, July 9, 2015

City to wait until late Summer, or Fall to deliver public update on LNG GO Plan

For North Coast residents looking to learn more about the plans of City Council when it comes to the LNG GO plan, the wait is going to be a little bit longer, as the city continues to compile information from its recent surveys in the community.

Mayor Lee Brain provided some background on the timeline ahead for the LNG Go Plan, a project that was first introduced to the community shortly after he took office and one that has become a bit of a mantra for Council when it comes to all things development related of late.

At Monday evening's Council session, the Mayor observed that the information collection process from the recent Go Plan Survey and housing needs surveys was now complete and that city staff would be working on the data collected and other aspects of the project through the summer.

"The Go Plan Survey is complete as of last week and now there will be a big tally of information and sometime near the end of summer or the early fall, most likely the summer, we will have a release of information around the LNG Go Plan and all of the results that we got from the survey ... so the public can get a more in-depth view of what our strategy is around the LNG Go Plan" -- Mayor Brain on the timeline for release of information related to the LNG GO Plan

During his short overview however, the Mayor did not offer up any background when it came to the number of surveys collected, or what the target for participation that project organizers would consider a good return.

The Mayor did take advantage of the Council session to thank those on city staff and the volunteers that assisted with the two surveys for their work and offered up a few observations on the process of the Go Plan to this point.

" We got kind of where we wanted to get to with the results, so it all was a good success for us. This was a great initiative that we took on, so thanks to staff and the volunteers for that " --Mayor Brain speaking Monday evening at Council regarding recent LNG GO Plan events

The Mayor's short commentary on the Go Plan followed a review by Councillor Thorkelson who reported to Council regarding the Housing needs survey held at the Fraser Street Block in June.

She observed during that overview that from the opportunity to take the Housing Needs survey, over 120 surveys were filled out either as a family or as individuals. Calling the event a success, she also thanked those that donated items for the event and saluted the work of the thirty some volunteers that helped out with the Fraser Street Block Party.

You can review discussions on each theme from the City's Video Archive starting at the 32 minute mark.

In recent months, the theme of the Go Plan has provided for a number of opportunities for the Mayor to share some thoughts on the project beyond the city limits.

In April, he outlined some of the thinking related to the launch of the program with CBC radio's Rick Cluff host of The Early edition, an interview which left a few questions still unanswered as to the expectations of the project. 

As well in April, Mayor Brain and City Manager Robert Long travelled to Ottawa to explain the Go Plan to Federal officials in the nation's Capital.

One imagines that the topic was also one that has come up at recent municipal gatherings that the city's representatives have attended. With the opportunity taken from those events to perhaps share some of the aspects of the project with those attending the North Central Local Government sessions in May or the Federation of Canadian Municipalities convention of last month.

For residents of the city however, the information flow will remain in a holding pattern for a little while yet. Leaving us with a few more months to go before we can gain a better understanding from the City regarding what the LNG GO plan is all, the nature of the process and cost that is related to it and what the LNG Go Plan is expected to provide for the community when it is complete.

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