Monday, July 13, 2015

Volumes destined to increase for Pinnacle Pellet's Prince Rupert Terminal

With Pinnacle Pellet expanding
in the BC Interior, shipments out
of Prince Rupert could increase
The growth of the pellet industry in British Columbia was the featured item last week from the publication Business in Vancouver, and with that growth it seems will come good news for those working at Pinnacle Pellet's Westview Terminal in Prince Rupert, which would appear destined to see shipment volumes increase in the year ahead.

The BIV story from last week looks at some of the history of Pinnacle Pellet and how it has grown from a single pellet plant in the Quesnel region to that has six now and is in the process of building a seventh in Lavington in the Okanagan.

That project will require up to 50 million dollars in capital costs and marks a partnership with Tolko industries which operates a sawmill in the community.

Such has been the growth of Pinnacle that it now is among the top twenty forestry companies in the province and the largest wood pellet producer in the country and as BIV notes, the third largest in the world.

The item also mentions the opening of the Prince Rupert shipment terminal and its importance towards that growth for the company.

As we outlined in June, the Westview Terminal set a shipment record when it loaded the vessel Popi S, which took a load of close to 60,000 tons of wood pellet product destined for a Power company in the United Kingdom.

That shipment provided for a significant notice to the shipping world about the Prince Rupert Terminal and what kind of turn around time it can provide for pellet shipments.

With Pinnacle continuing to expand its operations in the BC interior and other pellet producers starting to take interest in the Highway 16 corridor, it could be that the June record may not stand for very long when it comes to shipments out of Prince Rupert.

You can learn more about the recent developments with Pinnacle from the Business in Vancouver review here.

More background on the Pinnacle Pellet Terminal can be found on our archive page here.

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