Monday, July 27, 2015

Highway 16 to receive major funding for overpass between Prince Rupert and Terrace

BC Transportation Minister
Todd Stone made a pair of infrastructure
announcements in Terrace today
Should construction timelines prove quick, sometime in the not too distant future the last remaining rail grade crossing between Prince Rupert and Terrace, at Mile 28 of the Yellowhead highway will be replaced by an overpass.

The announcement of the 37 million dollar infrastructure program for the Northwest  was made today by both the Federal and Provincial governments. The breakdown in funding will see will 17.5 million dollars in Federal funding and 19.5 million from the province of British Columbia allocated for the project.

British Columbia Transportation Todd Stone and the Federal Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River made the joint announcement in Terrace this morning. No timeline on the highway improvement project was provided as part of today's backgrounder on the announcement.

The rail crossing, located just east of Exstew, has been a frequent bottleneck of late owing to the number of trains travelling to the Port of Prince Rupert, making for lengthy delays in travel with the increasing frequency of travel to and from the Port. will benefit from 17.5 million dollars in Federal funding and 19.5 million from the province of British Columbia.

The work involved in the project will see the realignment of approximately two kilometres of the highway and building a grade separation on Highway 16 to carry traffic over the CN railway line.

The Federal and Provincial Governments are combining forces
to eliminate the last level crossing on Highway 16 at Exstew

While today proved to be a fairly good day for the Terrace region, no announcements related to any infrastructure or transportation issues in Prince Rupert or the North Coast were made as part of today's media event in the Terrace area.

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