Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Time almost up for public consultation on Distracted Driving

Thursday brings the end of a month long consultation period for the BC Government when it comes to the topic of distracted driving.

The initiative run through Road Safety BC has been designed to engage the public in the next step in the province's efforts to stop distract driving and call attention to the issue through a number of social media and other options.

Since the consultation began on June 16th, there have been over 231,900 visits to the Distracted Driving website, with 1,789 comments logged to this point.

Another 775 respondents have made their contribution through twitter, while over 880 have sent in email responses during the month long campaign.

You can learn more about the consultation here and submit your thoughts through the website portal designed to address a number of topics on the theme.

You can also follow along in the final days of the campaign through the RoadSafety BC twitter feed, adding the hashtag #distractedBC to your tweet to direct it to the topic.

The deadline for the engagement session arrives at 4 PM on Thursday July 16th.

Once they have assembled all the feedback that they have received the Province will use it as a guideline when it comes to the path ahead on the issue of Distracted driving in British Columbia.

The Provincial government will review the submissions and feedback to the consultation process, noting that some of the input provided over the thirty day period could be used to review changes to B. C.'s distracted driving sanctions and lead to further discussion on the issue.

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