Friday, July 10, 2015

Safety Course to be offered for those that travel the North Coast skies

The incidents of the past have been thankfully quite rare for the North Coast, but for those that take to the skies into the challenging weather conditions of the North Coast, awareness of safety issues is always a key element of any travel plans.

With many residents making use of float plan and helicopter travel around the North Coast whether for business purposes or tourism plans, a new safety course might be of interest for those that are frequent travellers around the region.

Pacific Paramedics is making plans to offer a Seaplane/helicopter Safety Course in Prince Rupert for both Pilots and Passengers,  providing training for unforeseen aviation incidents.

The Earl Mah Aquatic Centre will
be in use as part of an Aviation
Safety training program this month
The program involves two components, a three hour Dry Egress Program available on line and a Wet Egress Pool Program planned for the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre.

The Dry program provides instruction on what to do and expect in the event of a seaplane water emergency, with such topics as Personal Flotation Device's, life raft usage, rescue and buoyancy among the items for review.

The Dry program, is a pre-requisite for the Wet Egress Pool Program, which is a full day course that reviews much of the Dry program notes and then puts that knowledge into active simulation.

The three days in Prince Rupert run from July 26 to the 28th.

The cost for both courses is 425 dollars.

You can learn more about the program from the website or by calling 778-884-4669, or by email at

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