Friday, July 24, 2015

Cullen calls for coalition to topple Tories

NDP MP Nathan Cullen has sparked
a vigorous debate on the prospect
of a post election coalition for
the NDP and the Liberals
Skeena-BulkleyValley MP Nathan Cullen is one the road this week, making appearances at a number of media outlets in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island test driving a few of the potential talking points for the upcoming Federal election.

And one recurring theme of the week that found no shortage of media attention, was the suggestion from the MP that the NDP will be looking to form a coalition government with the Liberals to topple the Conservative government, should the NDP fall short of a majority when the fall vote comes around.

Mr. Cullen who at times tends to shoot from the hip and ask questions later, offered up a quote to the Georgia  Straight last week that perhaps wasn't too well received by Team Trudeau at this point of the election cycle.

“If Trudeau’s willing to turn to Liberal supporters and say, ‘My dislike of the NDP is greater than my dislike of the Conservatives,’ then let him make the argument ... But it makes no sense to me.” -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen, stirring up some political discussion on a potential coalition government with the Liberal Party of Canada.

And from that short bit of snark, a media avalanche of analysis began on the prospects of a coalition government following this fall's election:

Georgia Straight -- B. C. MP Nathan Cullen talks NDP-Liberal coalition to end Stephen Harper government
Nws 1130 -- BC New Democrat MP believes a coalition between them and the Grist could happen
National Post -- 'As fed up with Harper as anybody': NDP MP suggests party open to form coalition with Liberals
CBC Daybreak North -- Nathan Cullen's coalition pitch (audio)
CFTK TV -- NDP - Liberal coalition (video)

And while the conversation has been good for political pundits and columnists, so far Mr. Cullen's approach isn't winning over Mr. Trudeau:

Liberals not open to coalition government suggested by NDP
Tom Mulcair open to coalition but Justin Trudeau opposed
Justin Trudeau says hell no to NDP-Liberal coalition government
Justin Trudeau shuts down NDP MP's coalition question "Out of the Question"
Trudeau shoots down NDP suggestion of coalition to topple Conservatives

The reviews for the moment however seem mixed as to whether Mr. Cullen made a mis-step, or Mr. Trudeau was too quick to rule out the prospect of shared power should the election results deliver that option.

NDP MP will regret saying party's top priority is toppling Harper government
Justin Trudeau made "dangerous' move in rejecting NDP coalition
Why we probably won't see a Liberal-NDP coalition after the next election

What's fascinating about the whole discussion to this point is the fact that as of yet, the election writ for a Fall vote hasn't even dropped yet. But already, it seems we're heading into an election campaign period even before the summer winds down.

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