Thursday, July 23, 2015

Councillor Thorkelson to seek Public Information session on land use in Prince Rupert

After two hours and a bit of sometimes heated discussion on Monday evening, much of it on land use issues across the city, Councillor Joy Thorkelson offered up a preview of where she will be taking the conversation on land issues at the next council session.

At the end of Monday's evening, Ms. Thorkleson advised that she would be providing a motion for council next month, one that will ask that Council hold a workshop and Public Consultation session in September regarding land use issues in the community.

Noting that as she sees things, the City needs to hold the discussion to determine how the city wants the face of the community to change, recognizing that development is going to occur.

The motion came after Councillor Thorkelon held back her support for any motion on Monday evening that involved moving forward with any zoning amendments.

With the Councillor having expressing her thoughts through the night that she wasn't interested in piece meal zoning, she wants the City to have a better was more inclined to see the City approach its approach to land use with a planned growth focus.

Councillor Cunningham also spoke to her proposed motion of next month, calling on his previously stated concerns of the evening over the lack of engagement from the public whenever the city seeks out their contribution.  Suggesting tongue in cheek that attendance at the September public meeting could be tied to penalties on taxation for those that don't attend.

The proposed workshop and Public meeting will be discussed again at the August 20th Council session.

The evening's discussion points that led to her notice to Council can be reviewed below:

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You can review her notice from the City's Video Archive at the two hour, three minute mark.

For a larger overview of housing issues in the Northwest see our archive page here.

More on Council discussions can be examined from our City Council Archive page.

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