Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Five share 649 million in Prince Rupert

Group of five in Prince Rupert
lay claim to one million dollar jackpot
The  mystery of who won the lotto has been partially solved, with one member of a group of five lottery players in Prince Rupert stepping forward to claim the cheque from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

Paul Horak went south to pick up the giant one million dollar jackpot cheque, leaving the other four members to remain unknown, for the time being.

“Prince Rupert is a small town and there were a lot of rumours about the potential winner ... We have only shared the news with family because we wanted to wait until we had the cheque in our hands and the win was official.” - North Coast Lottery winner Paul Horak, speaking on behalf of his group of five who recently won 1 million dollars in the July 8th, 649 draw

The topic of who had won the million dollars had been percolating around the city since the day after the draw, making every absence at work, or missing table mate at local coffee shops no doubt something to talk about.

The five have yet to determine how they plan to spend their $200,000 share of the jackpot, however for Mr. Horak, a trip to Europe it would seem is set for the future.

For a full account of the lottery luck on the North Coast see this item from the BC Lottery Corporation.

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