Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MLA celebrates Paddle for Wellness with the Legislature

Before the Legislature returned to what is expected to be a very tempestuous review of the Petronas LNG agreement, MLA's took advantage of their return to Victoria to bring attention to some of the developments back in their home ridings since they last were in attendance in Legislative Sessions.

For North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice the first day of the rare summer session provided the opportunity to share some details for the Legislature on this Spring's Paddle for Wellness hosted by Prince Rupert's Friendship House.

In her short review of the event, Ms. Rice outlined the nature of the community spirit that the event generated.  Noting how the finished canoes, were featured in this years Seafest Parade after being blessed in a ceremony by First Nations elders. As Ms. Rice also outlined during her short overview, some were used in the waterfront events as part of Seafest Sunday.

In her comments she highlighted the wide range of First Nations of the region that participated in the Paddle for Wellness program and the shared cultural experience that the program provided to the community.

As well, she shared with the Legislature that one of the paddles had been designed and painted for her and presented to her at the blessing ceremony, something that she clearly was quite touched by.

Some background on the Paddle for Wellness program can be found here.

You can review Ms. Rice's comments to the Legislature below:

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