Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Changes for the local media line up card

The weekly newspaper welcomes
a new reporter on staff
Sharp eyed viewers and readers of some of Prince Rupert's local media outlets will have noticed a shift in personnel over the last few weeks, as both CFTK TV and the Northern View welcome aboard new reporters to the Prince Rupert news beat.

In late June, the weekly newspaper bid adieu to reporter Martina Perry, who outlined her career shift for local readers a few weeks back.

Taking up the challenge of news gathering on the North Coast for the Northern View, will be Rebecca Watson, currently listed as an interim reporter on the weekly paper editorial page line up notices.

Ms. Watson made the trek west to the weekly after having worked at the Black Press paper in the Vanderhoof area. Her introduction to the community was included in last Wednesday's edition, having just completed an aerial view of what the region has to offer.

TV 7 has a new reporter on staff
for the North Coast region
She joins Kevin Campbell on the reporting staff at the weekly paper, Mr. Campbell having arrived on the scene only last year to take on sports duties, with the occasional foray into the news environment from time to time.

The newspaper is not the only media outlet to feature a new face, as Christa Dao has taken up the Prince Rupert news beat for CFTK TV.

She would appear to be taking over from Devon Johnson, who had joined TK at the start of the year. Ms. Johsnon had arrived on the North Coast news beat following the departure of Laryn Gilmour late last year.

You can review some of the reports from the newest CFTK TV reporter here.

And while  change is clearly part of the summer scene for two of Prince Rupert's three main media operations, things it would seem are still pretty well set at that local bastion of news stability on Third Avenue West.

It's there that we will still find George Baker and Carolina de Ryk making the early morning trek into the Daybreak North studios for their Monday to Friday morning program on the CBC.

And while there are no changes to report from the public broadcaster, it is timely to note that the CBC has just updated its biography page for the Daybreak North crew, offering up a bit of background about those voices that come our of your radio every morning.

More items on the media on the North Coast can be found here.

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