Thursday, July 16, 2015

Local CBC Radio fans hosting information session Saturday

The more devoted of CBC Radio fans in the Northwest are renewing their call to make public radio in the region more reflective of the North Coast and to bring those that are interested in their cause up to date on their work to this point, they will be hosting an information session this Saturday at the Prince Rupert Public Library.

The group appears to be looking to keep their focus on seeking more local content and staffing levels for the Daybreak North team based out of the Third Avenue West studios in Prince Rupert.

Saturday's information session will take place in the Public Meeting Room from 2 until 4 PM and organizers will be outlining the scope of a new letter to be delivered to CBC radio executives.

As well, during the meeting the group will go over other plans to provide commentary regarding the Daybreak North program in the community, as well as to review some of the improvements that they believe their efforts have provided for to this point.

The goal of the group is described as to gain excellence for rural radio from the CBC and to expand on the focus that the CBC provides to the North Coast.

Daybreak North co-host Carolina de Ryk
Associate producer George Baker 

As we outlined back in May, the group outlined some of its concerns on CBC radio service at that time, taking their cause to City Hall with an information session for City Council.

More background on media related items in the Northwest can be found on our archive page.

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