Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cow Bay Marina project showing signs of progress

A crane that has been looming large on the Cow Bay waterfront for the last few days is making some good progress on a much anticipated destination project for the Atlin Terminal area.

The Cow Bay Marina project is starting to take shape on the water behind the Prince Rupert Port Authority offices, with progress on the breakwater and floats continuing to provide an outline of what the final project will look like.

The Prince Rupert and Port Edward Economic Development Corporation posted a pair of photos to its Facebook page last week showcasing some of the progress to date.

A crane working on the Prince Rupert waterfront
is putting in place the framing of the new
Cow Bay Marina which will include a 600 foot public pier
And while the original date of installation of July 31st doesn't seem to be a likely target for an opening at this point, the progress to this week does seem to suggest that North Coast residents may yet get to see the facility in use before the warm sunny days give way to the fall storm season.

Included in the design for the project is a 600 foot public wharf which will be the centre point of the waterfront development and once completed is certain to become a popular vantage point for those visiting the Cow Bay area.

We traced some of the history of the Cow Bay marina project with our blog item of June 2nd

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