Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blog Watching, Week ending, July 26, 2015

The LNG debate at the Legislature dominated our news flow of this week, with pretty well any item of note related to the LNG discussion and vote on the Agreement with Petronas finding its way to the top of our listings of the last five days.

Four of our five items that featured either the LNG discussion, or North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice's involvement (or lack of such on voting day) in the final days of debate found the most attention on the week.

Only Councillor Joy Thorkelson's concerns at Monday's council session about a proposed condo project and other land use issues in the city, stemmed the LNG tidal wave of information on the week.

When it comes to the most read item of the week, our Friday afternoon look at the timeline of Ms. Rice's trip to the Central Coast as the Final vote in the Legislature was taking place dominated the number of views.

Timeline of MLA's Central Coast visit should raise more questions on missed LNG vote  -- A look at the travel plans that kept the North Coast MLA out of the Legislature for Tuesday's LNG agreement vote   (posted July 24, 2015)

That article was followed by:

Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement gains Legislature approval, MLA Rice does not cast a vote -- Tuesday was voting day and the final day of the summer session at the Legislature and while the LNG agreement passed with little trouble owing to the Liberal majority, the North Coast MLA was not in attendance to record her opposition to the agreement for the history books (posted July 21, 2015)

With a Facebook note, the Mystery of the Missing MLA is solved  --  Following the vote of Tuesday on the LNG agreement, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice provided an update of sorts, on what she had been doing during her time away from Victoria (posted  July 23, 2015)

North Coast Mayors speak on LNG from steps of the Legislature -- Mayor Dave MacDonald and Mayor Lee Brain were in Victoria for Tuesday's LNG agreement vote, with the pair offering up some comments on development from the steps of the Legislature  (posted July 21, 2015)

Councillor Thorkelson outlines concerns related to Downtown Condo proposal -- During City Council's Monday night session, land issues became a major topic of discussion with much of it focused on the proposed condo project for Stiles Place at Billy Murray Drive (posted July 23, 2015 )

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