Friday, July 10, 2015

With Rain on the way, it's Farewell to the Hot and Dry for now

A Pacific weather system is tracking towards the North Coast
bringing with it at least a week of rain and showers
Depending on your perspective of things, the latest forecast from Environment Canada will either be a welcome thing of cooling relief, or a sign that your sun tanning season is about to be interrupted.

The remarkable streak of Okanagan like weather for the North Coast is about to come to an end, with a Pacific Frontal system making its track for the North Coast and with it, the prospect of some much needed rain for at least the next week.

The two month run of sun filled days and mostly clear nights began in early May, interrupted only by one major rainfall in the first week of June, other than that and with the odd day of Cloud and light showers, it's been endless days for sunblock and shade for the most part.

The long range forecast from Environment Canada is calling for one last day of sunshine today, with the sun arriving once the fog has lifted towards the afternoon.

Clouds will begin to mix with the Sun through the day, bringing in the first of the showers overnight, with the cloudy skies, showers and rain then settling  in for the foreseeable future.

Environment Canada's 7 day forecast for the North Coast

The Weather Network goes one step further than Environment Canada does at the moment, calling for clouds and showers for the most part until the 23rd of July.

The Weather Network's 14 day look ahead

The precipitation will offer some help to the current tinder dry conditions of the North Coast and points east, though as with any summer weather system it could also provide for thunderstorms further into the eastern reaches of Northern British Columbia which may also bring lightning strikes.

The week of precipitation that is ahead most likely will bring the end of the Fire ban for the Prince Rupert area once the system has passed us by, for the first time in memory for many residents the City imposed an open fire and campfire ban, including prohibitions on the popular backyard fire pit.

The forecast however, may not provide much relief for drought conditions on Haida Gwaii which has been particularly hard hit by the lengthy period of sun and heat.  The week long preview of what's ahead calls mainly for cloudy skies, with occasional showers anticipated, but not one of those long soaking rains that might be desired at this time.

Forecasts for areas around the Northwest can be found below:

Prince Rupert
Haida Gwaii

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