Sunday, July 19, 2015

Blog Watching, week ending July 19, 2015

The LNG debate at the Legislature loomed large on the week's news review, with interest in the discussion points regarding the Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement with the province attracting a wide number of readers through the week.

It's not surprising to note the attention given to the most talked about industrial project in the region over the last few years and with Northwest MLA's set to join in on the discussion, our blog items on the debate dominated the listings of the week.

Four of our five most read items featured some form of review on the LNG discussions in Victoria, with only the salmon fishery and the Department of Fisheries observations on the season to this point, able to elbow some space among the weeks items among the most popular.

When it comes to the most read item of the week, by a significant margin, the review of North Coast MLA  Jennifer Rice's Monday evening statement to the Legislature found the largest audience of the week.

MLA Rice outlines her objections to the Petronas/Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement  -- The Gitga'at First nation head to the courts to outline their concerns over provincial consultation on LNG issues on the North Coast   (posted July 14, 2015)

That article was followed by:

Skeena and Stikine MLA's weigh in on LNG; Minister Stone with the rebuttal -- Tuesday provided opportunity for two more Northwest MLA's to offer up some thoughts Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement, as Robin Austin and Doug Donaldson both delivered their statements to the Legislature. (posted July 15, 2015)

MLA's return to Legislature to discuss and vote on Pacific NorthWest LNG agreement --  Our preview of the week ahead in the Legislature also attracted a large audience first thing Monday morning. (posted  July 13, 2015)

North Coast Infrastructure forms some of the backdrop to the LNG debate -- The comments from Liberal Transportation Minister Todd Stone on potential infrastructure investment required for LNG projects in the Northwest also attracted a large number of viewers on the week.  (posted July 16, 2015)

DFO keeping watchful eye on water temperatures and levels as salmon runs approach  -- Interest in the 2015 salmon season remains high as our Monday morning item on some of the issues DFO is watching found a wide audience. And while it didn't make the top five items, our follow up notes on the late week openings for the North Coast also found a healthy audience (posted July 13, 2015 )

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