Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Prince Rupert's water supply project to replace 2.2 kilometres of 100 year old pipe

Work on the City's water supplylines and Woolworth Dam
will be aided by Tuesday's
funding announcement

(photo from City
of PR 2012 annual Report)
A few more details have  been released regarding yesterday's infrastructure announcements on the North Coast, with the Prince Rupert water supply replacement project set to bring the city's water lines into a new century, leaving the 100 year old pipes to the history books.

As we outlined on the blog yesterday afternoon, Transportation Minister Todd Stone carried his infrastructure funding tour to the west, arriving on the North Coast on Tuesday afternoon providing for three major announcements.

For Prince Rupert, funding a combined federal and provincial infrastructure program will deliver $2,193,028 dollars from both the province and federal government accounting for over 4 million of the $6,579,086 price tag of the major infrastructure project.

The remainder of that total directed to the project will be the responsibility of the City of Prince Rupert.

On Tuesday evening, the Federal Government provided some background on the nature of the project, which will see the city's 100 year old steel water supply line replaced by a thermo plastic polymer pipe, with the new line to be buried underground for better protection.

The new upgraded line will be less prone to leaks, breakage and infiltration of contaminants and is expected to provide Prince Rupert residents and businesses with reliable potable water service for years to come.

Mayor Lee Brain, expressed the thanks of the Community for the financial assistance on the project and offered up some of his thoughts on the importance of the water supply project to the city.

"The City of Prince Rupert is delighted to be an active participant in conjunction with the Provincial and Federal governments New Building Canada Plan’s Small Communities Fund. A big thank you goes out to the Province for their support in addressing our critical infrastructure improvement needs by means of this opportunity. As part of the City of Prince Rupert’s 'LNG Go Plan’, this grant award begins the process of making our community a sustainable one. This in turn allows the City to compete as a global player on a world platform for major growth in the region and within the province."

Representatives from Prince Rupert and Port Edward joined
BC Transportation Minister Todd Stone for Tuesday's funding announcements

(Photo from Mayor Lee Brain's Facebook page)

In addition to the City's water supply project, Minister Todd Stone announced the approval of funding for the Wampler Way Bypass road in Port Edward. With both the province and federal government providing up to 1 million dollars each towards a project that is expected to cost 17.6 million dollars.

Port Edward is responsible for putting together the financing for the outstanding 15.6 million dollars.

"On behalf of myself and Council we would like to thank the Province for their support on the Wampler Way Project. This project will provide transportation for industry while keeping our residents safe." -- A statement from Mayor Dave MacDonald following Tuesday's funding announcement

The full overview of both projects can be found from this media release from the Federal Government.

For more items related to infrastructure issues on the North Coast see our archive page here, for items of note from Prince Rupert City Council see our Council Discussion page.

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