Monday, July 20, 2015

First glimpse of proposed development for Bill Murray Way

Council will consider height restriction
issues tonight related to a proposed
development on Bill Murray Way
Prince Rupert City Council will be looking over some drawings and land use notes tonight as they consider their first reading of a Zoning Amendment related to maximum building height in the Downtown core.

With the proposed amendment to consider increasing the maximum height allowed from 16 metres to 29 metres, the area that would be changed if approved would be in the Stiles Place to Bill Murray Way of downtown area.

In addition to the topic of height, Council will also review a proposed purchase of City Property to allow for additional parking for the development.

Along with the zoning review, Council has posted to the Agenda for this evening a wide range of material related to the proposed development that would create an impressive residential building, as well as a commercial building and public space in the vacant lot located across from the Chances Gaming Centre at Bill Murray Way.

Height profiles of 
proposed development
Overview of Parking 
for proposed development

You can review the full presentation from the Council Agenda for tonight, with the zoning notes to be found from pages 23 to 49.

More background on the proposed development can be found from our item of June 25th.

Further information on City Council discussions can be found here.

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