Monday, July 20, 2015

Council to move on Kanata School rezoning tonight

Rezoning of the Old Kanata School
land is on the Agenda for Council tonight
The first step in the development of a new housing subdivision in the City of Prince Rupert takes place at tonight's council session, as the City puts in motion the process of rezoning the land for the Kanata School from public to multi family residential.

The School District recently sold the property to a development company known as the Bryton Group, which is currently handling a number of projects around the Northwest.

While no final selling price was disclosed at the time, the land had been listed with Prince Rupert real estate agents at a price of $975,000.

Once the land has been rezoned, the process of completing the sale can get underway.

With disposal of the Kanata School and development of the area surrounding it for housing to follow, though no specific timeline for development has been outlined as of yet.

Though in documentation provided to the City for tonight's zoning discussions, the proponents of the development state that work on the site would commence in the fall should there be a positive LNG announcement.

If there is no positive LNG announcement by that time, the property would then "be developed in phases in accordance with market demands."

The old Kanata school could soon be coming down
as City Council considers a zoning change for the property
tonight to redevelop the area for housing

You can review some of our background on the sale here.

More on tonight's zoning work at Council can be found from the City Council Agenda, from pages 50 to 72 .

For more items on School District 52 see our archive page here, further background on discussions at Prince Rupert city Council can be found on our Council Archive page.

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