Friday, September 16, 2016

4.7 magnitude quake reported Southwest of Bella Bella

A 4.7 magnitude quake was report south of Haida Gwaii
and SW of Bella Bella this afternoon
Update: Friday's seismic event was downgraded to a 4.3 magnitude after a review by the USGS. Other reports have the event rated at 5.2 mg.

The latest of seismic movements along the North Coast took place this at 12:47 this afternoon, with a 4.7 magnitude temblor rolling along the Pacific fault lines due south of Haida Gwaii and 271 kilometres Southwest of Bella Bella.

The quake had a depth of 10 kilometres, a notice from the Tsunami Information Centre noted that there was no Tsunami danger related to the noon hour event.

There have to this point been no reports from any of the communities that may have been in range to feel slight shaking from the event.

The temblor is the latest in a number of similar sized seismic events in the region, a map provided by the USGS outlines the pattern of past reports, with today's event located pretty well in the centre of the past listings.

You can review some of the more recent events from our archive page here.

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