Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mayor Lee Brain in Petersburg, Alaska for Southeast Conference meetings this week

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain has charted a course north the Misty Fjords this week, taking part in the annual regional Southeast Conference meetings, hosted by the City of Petersburg for 2016.

The gathering which reviews issues of mutual interest among the cities and towns of the Alaska panhandle, rotates among member communities, Prince Rupert hosted the event last year.

The three day conference which started on Tuesday will wrap up on Thursday, having packed a large number of events into the Agenda.

The list of activities that the Mayor might be taking part in feature discussion panels on Community and Regional planning, Community Energy achievements and Cost Sharing Challenge Agreements to name a few.

You can view the full Agenda below (click to expand)

The one issue that is of keen importance to Prince Rupert is the state of discussions when it comes to the Alaska Marine Highway System, which has Fairview Bay as the starting point for many transits between British Columbia and Alaska.

The two day conference was set to review the latest study into the Alaska Ferry service, with delegates to examine this report into the future of the AMHS.

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain
is North to Alaska this week
taking part in SE conference talks
Those discussions began at 9 AM today with Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallet delivering the keynote address before the delegates began to explore the direction that the AMHS may be heading for the future.

In a short update to his Facebook page on Tuesday, the Mayor noted that in addition to his convention plans, he had also been busy promoting the city's Cow Bay Marina.

The Mayor has brought a number of pamphlets with him to show off the latest travel option available on the North Coast and reports that he has received a fair amount of interest in the facility at the Atlin Terminal.

More background on what the Southeast Conference is all about can be found from the organization's website.

Some notes on the Southeast conference can be found below, should there be further updates on the conference we will add them to the collection:

Southeast conference begins in Petersburg
Southeast economy indicators look good despite state budget issues
AMHS solutions
Southeast Conference study aims for ferry system reforms

The Mayor won't have much time to change shirts and grab a nap, next week the Mayor and City Council will be travelling to Victoria for the five day UBCM conference taking place in Victoria.

You can review more information on City Council issues see our archive page here.

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