Friday, September 16, 2016

Hanjin container vessels detained in British Columbia waters

The Hanjin Scarlet remains at anchor
near Prescott Island south of Prince Rupert
The ongoing troubles for the Hanjin shipping line have now found two of their ships detained at anchor in British Columbia water,  as creditors send in the bailiffs to seek remedy for unpaid bills.

The Vancouver Sun provided the background last night on the fate of the two vessels the Hanjin Vienna anchored off of Roberts Bank in Vancouver and the Hanjin Scarlet which was formally seized on Wednesday afternoon.

The Scarlet apparently boarded by the bailiffs but hours before it was scheduled to make transit out of Prince Rupert harbour and to make its way for Seattle, Washington.

North Central Bailiffs, the court appointed bailiff on the file, handled the Prince Rupert seizure during the course of Wednesday's process.  According to Marine online tracking, the Hanjin Scarlet is currently anchored off of Prescott Island south of Prince Rupert harbour.

According to the Sun report, the list of creditors named in the court filing related to the Hanjin Scarlet include the Prince Rupert Port Authority, Saam Smit and World Fuel Services.

You can review the full Sun article here.

According to reports vessels of the Hanjin shipping line in BC waters, 
including the Hanjin Scarlet currently south of Prince Rupert
Harbour have been detained by bailiffs as a result of unpaid bills

The Hanjin Scarlet was unloaded on September 7th at Fairview Terminal and then returned to anchorage to await further instructions as the global shipping lines troubles continued to play out in the courts.

With the Hanjin financial issues providing for a fair amount of chaos in world shipping, other shipping lines have been taking measures to increase their transits and to try and provide some relief to the current situation.

Last week we outlined how the Maersk container line had introduced an additional service to and from the Port of Prince Rupert to try and address some of the concerns of importers and exporters world wide.

You can review more on the background to the Hanjin line's financial issues from our blog piece  from early September which has been tracking the latest developments through the month.

More items of interest related to the Prince Rupert Port Authority can be found on our archive page.

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