Thursday, September 29, 2016

Prince Rupert Airport gains recognition at UBCM for recent renovations

The City of Prince Rupert can now use the slogan the 'award winning Prince Rupert Airport' after receiving the accolades of a major Canadian organization.

The recently completed renovations to the Prince Rupert Digby Island Airport were saluted Wednesday the Canadian Wood Council, a national  organization, which took note of the recent work on the Prince Rupert airport and recognized the creative use of wood as part of the new terminal look.

Mayor Lee Brain accepted the award from WoodWorks which is a program of thw Wood Council, taking to his Facebook page Wednesday afternoon, in order to share the news with residents shortly after the presentation.

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain has an award to bring back to the city
as the Prince Rupert Airport renovation project is saluted by the Canadian Wood Council
(from Mayor Brain's Facebook feed)

The work involved in the project saw project developers make use of the existing beam structure and made use of the existing wood structure to create the spacious arrivals concourse that now has become the focal point of the new terminal.

As well the structure which was seismically upgraded during the renovations, made use of a number of other sustainable features that were incorporated into the project.

The recently renovated Prince Rupert Airport Terminal was recognizzed as 
part of events taking place at UBCM this week
(From a NCLGA press release)
You can learn more about the project and the recognition that the award provides for it from this information page from the Woodworks Organization.

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