Friday, September 16, 2016

Public comment period now open for McKay Street Park concept proposals

Transition Prince Rupert has big plans
in mind for the McKay Street Park
area with 3 potential concepts for use
now available for review
The Transition Prince Rupert Society and other community groups involved in the design process for a revitalized McKay Street Park hosted the public unveiling of the three concepts that have been created for the proposed redevelopment of the now overgrown park space at McKay and Kootenay.

Those that took in the public event of Wednesday afternoon had their first glimpse of what the west side park area could look like one day, with designs that include a range of potential changes for the site.

Among some of the possibilities that the Society has highlighted for potential use  include a Basketball pavilion, BMX track, Community Centre, Public Square, Community Garden, Carving Shed, Dog Park, Skatepark, Community Stage and play areas to name a few.

With the grand unveiling now delivered, the public has been invited to offer up their thoughts on which of the three designs they believe will best serve the MacKay Street/Kootenay area.

The three concepts are named Commons, Village and Forest and you can review what each has to offer below, the legend for each is also included for reference.

The short questionnaire is available through the Transition Prince Rupert Facebook page (see here) and  seeks feedback when it comes to the three design concepts, asking participants to offer up advice in a number of areas.

Included in the line of questions are inquiries as to what areas of the designs should be covered to be protected from wind and rain, where if anywhere, Parking should be provided for those that would use the park. 

As well local carvers are asked whether there is any interest for use of any potential carving space and whether community residents would make use of the space for picnics and other activities.

The concepts tap into a theme from the past as well with a nod towards considering the land as a potential site for a large scale community garden, with a Food Forest and Green House included in some of the designs. 

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain expanded on the Wednesday presentation through his Facebook page, providing a number of maps and sketches to provide a larger overview of what the area could look like if the proposed redevelopment project should ever go ahead.

No timeline was provided as to how long the community engagement process will run for, or what the next stage of any potential development will take place.

A full overview of the community engagement can be reviewed from the Transition Prince Rupert Facebook page.

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