Thursday, September 15, 2016

Councillor Cunningham seeks review of food truck spot rentals at Civic Centre

A rental break for food truck operators
was part of the discussion at Monday's
City Council session
Technically the topic under discussion was the final approval from City Council to move forward with Ice Fee Rental revisions for user groups of the city facility, however that discussion Monday night offered up an opportunity for Councillor Barry Cunningham to weigh in on a topic of concern he has been hearing about from local food truck vendors in the community.

The Councillor used up some of the discussion time on the Ice Fees issue to suggest that the Recreation Department should get together with those food truck operators in the city that might wish to locate at the Civic Centre parking lot during such events as this past weekend's Softball tournament.

He outlined how he believed that the current level of rental fee, that of thirty dollars an hour, is proving to be a prohibitive burden for those food truck operators that would be putting in a full day at Civic Centre events.

Mr. Cunningham did some math for council members on the theme and noted that if someone was to put in even an eight hour day at the Civic Centre parking lot, they would have to sell a lot of food and drinks to recoup some of the rental fees for their time at the facility.

Mayor Brain while noting that the subject was a little off the topic of the Ice Fees issue, did observe that he believed the fees are reasonable, but that it could be a topic to be addressed later through the Recreation Department.

As for the motion to approve the revised schedule for Ice Fee use, the discussion period provided one final opportunity for Councillor Randhawa to outline his opposition from last weeks Special Council session, where he outlined his concerns over the plan to increase fees by ten percent for prime time periods, relaying some concerns he had heard from some minor hockey teams recently.

The Mayor then offered up that the discussion on the theme had been expansive in recent days, suggesting that residents review the City's YouTube page to view those discussions.

Council then voted to move forward on the new fee schedule, with Councillor Randhawa voting against the motion.

The full report from the City's Recreation Department, complete with the listings of fees and charges from the Agenda of Monday's Council session that can be found on page 21 of the agenda package.

You can review both the Ice Fees discussion and the side theme of food truck rental fees from the City's Video Archive, starting at the thirteen minute mark.

For more items from Monday's Council session see our City Council Timeline feature here.

Further background on city council issues can be reviewed on on Council Archive page.

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