Monday, September 26, 2016

Only two properties remain available on City's Property Tax Sale listings for 2016

Would be bargain hunters quickly saw the City of Prince Rupert's list of available Tax Sale properties whittled down from the original record of fourteen that made for some interesting notes of late August and into September.

The Property Tax Sale process takes place once each year at the end of September, where property owners who have not settled their outstanding property accounts with the City run the risk of having their property sold, in order for the City to recover the outstanding amount that is owed.

Like most years, the initial list that is published to the City's website, rarely looks like the final draft on Tax Sale Day, and this year is no exception, with only two properties now listed as up for bidding as of the start of business today at City Hall.

Even if the properties remain on the list for the day, it does not mean that the original owners will be losing their property immediately, any purchase that is completed today is not final, with the purchase subject to redemption by the original owner, who has until one year from this date, September 27, 2016 to resolve their issues with the City.

The full list of this years Tax Sale properties can be found below, (click to enlarge)

Those no longer available for bid have been crossed out:

Port Edward also has Tax Sale listings available, though not online, you can contact the District Office for more information regarding today's sale.

You can review how the process works in Prince Rupert from the City's website, which provides some background on the Tax Sale for 2016.

More items related to Taxes and other related issues at City Hall can be found on our archive page here.

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