Thursday, September 29, 2016

Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue launches Fall recruitment drive

The organization that stands ready to respond to requests for assistance whenever they come in is currently seeking new members, with the Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue organization looking to add to their roster of dedicated volunteers looking to serve the community.

And while many might think that they don't have the kind of skills required to be of service to the group, the members of Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue note that they need help in a number areas beyond the physical needs of their search and rescue work.

From administration to grant applications, public relations and logistics the operations on the North Coast require a core group of volunteers behind the scenes to help keep the organization on track and able to respond to calls for assistance.

Prince Rupert Ground
Search and Rescue is currently
looking to add to their group
of volunteers
A full overview of the types of positions that they need to fill can be found from the Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue Facebook page.

The information that is listed outlines the commitments as far as time and involvement, as well as the process that all applicant will be required to go through prior to becoming part of the local organization.

The group also outlines the various certification opportunities that are available for those who volunteer to serve, as well as the nature of the training that those that sign up can expect to find once they join.

Over the last few years we have noted some of their call outs through our archive feature on Emergency Responders in the Northwest, you can review some of those entries from our archive page here.

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