Friday, September 9, 2016

Maersk line looks to pick up some of Hanjin's Asia Pacific business

The 2M alliance will be increasing
the number of shipments serving
North America in the wake of the
Hanjin financial troubles
There may be some relief on the ocean's horizon for the North American supply chain, with word that the Maersk Line is making plans to expand its shipping timetables to try and offer some relief to the global shipping troubles found with the financial troubles of the Hanjin line.

Shipping observers and publications are providing some details to the plans from the Danish based shipping to join with its partner in the 2M alliance Mediterranean Shipping to add a pair of weekly cross Pacific sailings to try and reduce some of the impact of the Hanjin difficulties.

The run known as the Maple service will transit goods between Busan, Shanghai and Yantian to Prince Rupert's Fairview Terminal, the service will be using six vessels with capacity of 5,000 twenty foot equivalent units.

The other service to be introduced will connect Asian ports with the terminal in Long Beach, California.

The additional sailings are anticipated to start in mid-Septemer with the first of the additional shipments destined for the Port of Long Beach, no details were outlined for when the first of the additional vessel runs will call on Prince Rupert.

Notes on the introduction of the service can be found below:

Maersk, MSC add trans-Pacific services after Hanjin collapse
Maersk and MSC add transpacific services in wake of Hanjin bankruptcy
Maersk opens Transpacific Service Line
Maersk and MSC add services to cover Hanjin withdrawal

The Maersk line introduced its current service to the Port of Prince Rupert back in August of 2015, we outlined their plans for the Northwest gateway to North America with this blog item at the time.

You can review some of the background to the current financial situation facing the Hanjin line from our blog item of last week.

Included in that overview is an ongoing archive of items related to both the Hanjin shipping line and the Hanjin Scarlet which has been in Prince Rupert since word of the financial troubles first were made public.

More items related to shipments through the Port of Prince Rupert can be found on our Port Archive Page and our collection of items related to Fairview Terminal.

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