Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Files of the "Rupert Babies" 2016

An archive page for items of interest and the latest developments in the search for information by a trio of once abandoned babies in Prince Rupert in the mid to late 1970's.

The group now know as the "Rupert Babies" are seeking more background on their past, particularly related to their biological parents. The intriguing story has  generated an increased level of interest over the last six months, thanks mainly through the efforts of Janet Keall who began the original search a number of years ago and recently discovered that she had half siblings in Kathie and Kevin.

You can learn more about their story and what they all hope to learn moving forward from the social media options listed below:

Rupert's Babies website
Rupert's Babies twitter feed
Rupert's Babies Facebook page
Rupert's Babies Instagram feed

As the story continues to unfold we will track the latest in updates and background information through our archive of news items below:


December 21 -- Janet solved it, but what about the RCMP?
December 12 -- Rupert Babies Town Hall (video)
December 10 -- Solved: The mystery of Prince Rupert's abandoned babies has a bittersweet ending
December 10 -- Bittersweet ending in mystery of 3 abandoned Prince Rupert babies
December 9 -- Woman abandoned as child returns to Prince Rupert for town hall on being reunited with half-brother, sister and to make a new announcement (audio)
December 9 -- After 21 years of searching, Janet Keall finds the mother who abandoned her
December 9 -- Rupert Babies Town Hall to provide update on long running quest for information  NCR
December 9 -- 'Rupert's Baby' to make a Big Announcement tonight
December 5 -- Rupert's abandoned baby to reveal her big discovery
December 1 -- Three babies, three doorsteps: cracking a 40 year old mystery


November 9 -- Solving the mystery of Prince Rupert's three abandoned babies


September 20 -- Mayor Brain to co-host December forum on "Rupert's Babies"  NCR


August 19 -- Open letter to our birth mother, Keall and Rennie (Letter to Editor)
August 16 -- Three siblings abandoned as newborns by same mother in same town are reunited 37 years later - and now they're looking for their fourth sibling 
August 14 -- Abandoned as babies, siblings find each other
August 8 -- Rupert's baby comes home


July 18 -- Three people abandoned in Prince Rupert as infants discover that they are half siblings
July 16 -- B.C. woman abandoned at birth meets biological sister in Vancouver
July 15 -- Woman abandoned as newborn discovers Maple Ridge sibling
July 15 -- Woman abandoned at birth in Prince Rupert finds second half-sibling
July 15 -- 'It's been a whirlwind': Abandoned as babies, three B.C. siblings find each other decades later


June 13 -- Abandoned Baby Girl
June 10 -- B.C. woman meets half-brother and possible sister after 20-year search
June 6 -- P.E.I. woman abandoned at birth finds half-brother after 38 years
June 6 -- Missing parents (audio)
June 5 -- Mystery deepens for woman abandoned as a baby outside Prince Rupert hospital


May 19 -- A woman abandoned as a baby in Prince Rupert looks for her biological parents on last time (audio)
May 4 -- Rupert's Baby: One Woman's search for her past


April 29 -- Parent Search (audio)
April 28 -- Abandoned at birth, woman renews appeal to find her parents
April 28 -- Woman abandoned as a baby renews search for parents
April 27 -- Rupert's Baby (video)
April 27 -- Rupert's Baby looking for Biological parents
April 20 -- B.C. woman abandoned on hospital doorstep searches for parents one last time

Items of note previous to 2016

April 2005 -- Children with no beginnings
September 2004 -- "I am looking forward to the day I meet them'

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