Thursday, November 3, 2016

City seeks volunteers for Library Board and Business Advisory Committee

The arrival of fall has any number of local organizations seeking new members and looking for help when it comes to filling board positions for the year ahead, and that need for volunteers is also the case for the City of Prince Rupert.

This week the City put out the call for volunteers for the city's Library Board and the recently created Prince Rupert Business Advisory Committee.

The two volunteer options make up just a few of the many Boards and Committees that Council seeks input from during the course of their work related to planning and funding through the year.

For the Prince Rupert Business Advisory Committee the city has seven positions to fill which are available immediately.  The main focus of the committee is to provide City Council with recommendation on policies that related to business development and growth. In the city's introduction to the call for members they note that ideally, applicants will be the owners or managers of businesses or business operations operating in Prince Rupert.

All members will be appointed by the Mayor and Council and are expected to meet on a bi-monthly basis. Should the committee opportunity be of interest to you, contact the Corporate Administration Department, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 424 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert.

You can get more information about that committee and its duties by calling 250-627-0934 or by email at

The deadline date for the Prince Rupert Business Advisory Committee is November 18th, 2016.

The city's Public library is considered by many to be one of the anchors for the community, a resource that as we've seen over the years is one that residents have much attachment to and are more than willing to stand up for the Library when it comes to issues such as funding for its operations or changes to how the Library serves the community.

A chance to become even more involved in that process is now available, as the City invites applications for two positions that are available immediately for the Prince Rupert Library Board.

Those that have an interest in providing guidance to the city on the current efforts and future for the city's Library are invited submit a letter of interest that includes any skills and experience that is relevant to the Board position.

You can contact the Corporate Administration Department for more information on what is expected of Board members and what the work load might required for the positions.  Contact City Hall at 250-627-0934 or by email at

The deadline date for the Library Board position is November  25th, 2016.

More background on items of interest from Prince Rupert City Hall can be found on our archive page.

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