Tuesday, November 1, 2016

With new CHSS calendar, you will never miss another Rainmaker home game

The opportunity to wear your Rainmaker colours is going to be a little bit easier as we head into the fall and winter sports season, with Charles Hays Secondary introducing a Rainmaker Calendar to the school website this week.

With the fall sports season winding down, there may be a few more banners to be raised to the rafters following this past weekend's success by the Rainmaker Boys in Northwest Zones Soccer.

The November calendar so far makes note of the upcoming Senior girls Volleyball play of the Fifth of November at the CHSS gym.

As well the Boys Rugby team is heading for Zones in Terrace this weekend.

The Junior Girls girls volleyball team is also in Terrace on Saturday, while the Junior Boys volleyball squad travels further east to Smithers

Over at the Middle School, the PRMS Storm Boys are also on the road this weekend with volleyball action on the courts in Houston.

September 12th finds the Charles Hays campus hosting the Junior Girls Zones tournament.

While the Senior Girls will be heading for Kitimat for the Senior NorthWest zones tournament on the 19th.

For those looking ahead to the Basketball season and the travels of the Rainmakers, the first listings for December show the Senior Girls at home on December 3rd, while the Junior Girls will be on the court one week later on December 10th.

The link to the Rainmaker Home Games Calendar can be found here.

You can also keep up to date on the Rainmakers from the CHSS twitter feed.

More items of interest related to Rainmaker athletics can be found on our archive page here.

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