Friday, March 10, 2017

A little more room to pass at Rainbow Lake passing lane

BC Transportation Minister Todd Stone
had some good news for those who travel
along Highway 16 today

(file photo from Gov't of BC)
One of the most common refrains for those who travel along Highway 16 between Terrace and Prince Rupert is the wish for a few more passing lanes along the stretch of highway between the two communities.

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone it would seem has heard those calls, announcing today that a two kilometre extension will be made to the existing passing land on Highway 16 just past Rainbow lake, with the taking note of the need for the improved infrastructure.

“Increasing passing opportunities for motorists will go a long way toward improving safety along Highway 16, as well as making the highway more reliable and efficient for commercial traffic,” ... “These upgrades are necessary because of the growing industrial development activity in the northwest and the expansion of the Port of Prince Rupert.”

Work is expected to start this summer of a 2 km extension to the passing
land between Prudhomme and Rainbow Lake

The project located 30 kilometres east of Prince Rupert is one of two highway improvements announced today, with an additional passing lane to be created near Tyhee Lake, between Houston and Smithers, as well, travellers will see some improvements made to the Bulkley View Rest area.

The projects are now going out for tender and are expected to be underway this summer.

Details on today's announcement can be reviewed here.

More items of interest on the Highway Sixteen corridor can be found here.

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