Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More Federal funding to be made available for infrastructure use

Members of City staff may want to sharpen up the pencils, while City Council members review the city's infrastructure wish list, with word that a new round of Federal Gas Tax Funding applications are about to be accepted.

A process that will open up a three month window for municipalities outside of the Greater Vancouver area to get their documentation collected and their applications submitted for a share of at least 180 million dollars in funding.

The notice to local governments in BC was delivered by the UBCM last week, with the organization making note that this years financial opportunities will make for the largest intake for BC.

The objective of this round is to fully commit the remaining funding available for the Strategic Priorities Fund under the current Administrative Agreement. Full commitment of remaining funding is conditional upon quality of applications received.

It is anticipated that a minimum of $180 million be available to eligible local governments, making it the largest single intake for the Federal Gas Tax Fund in BC. All local governments are encouraged to apply to this Strategic Priorities Fund intake.

The SPF is to provide for 100 percent funding for eligible capital and capacity building projects, with the UBCM Management Committee noting that the Fund will provide at a maximum of $6 million per funded project.

Though it is also noted that project applications over the six million mark remain eligible, providing that the additional costs are confirmed through other funding sources.

Applicants can submit up to two capital applications and one capacity building application for the upcoming intake period.

The process of application is through the UBCM project Information Management System, with the deadline for submissions set for June of this year.

The UBCM's program guideline booklet for the funds is available here.

Some of the areas where the funding can be put to use can be reviewed below:

The UBCM announcement setting the stage for the upcoming round of applications can be reviewed here.

Last week, the City of Prince Rupert awarded the first contract towards the start of its ambitious infrastructure replacement program, with a Peace Country company receiving a contract for Phase One of the Shawatlan Water Raw project.

With a new round of potential funding now on the horizon, the city may yet get more opportunities for press releases and videos highlighting the next item from their list of infrastructure items that might be able to move forward.

You can review the Major projects and infrastructure files related to the City's planning here, while items of interest related to the day to day work of City Council is available on our City Council Archive page.

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