Sunday, March 12, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending March 12, 2017

LNG items once dominated our list of Five on the week, with the most significant of the stories the announcement that Shell has decided to abandon its plans to develop an LNG Terminal on Ridley Island.

The other large scale LNG project in the region also was in the news this week, with an item from earlier in the week indicating that Petronas was investigating the prospect of a shared use LNG shipment dock with Shell, a project which would now appear to be a solo concept.

Two items related to the City of Prince Rupert budget preparations also jumped to the top of our Most read list on the week, with our Preview of Monday's budget presentation and our follow up notes on the talking points from the Monday night meeting both finding large readership

And our item related to a pair of Job opportunities with the city owned communication company CityWest also gained a strong audience this week, as readers explored those positions, as well as with an opening with the City's Operations Department.

However, the top story belongs to LNG and the end of the proposed Prince Rupert LNG project for Ridley Island.

Shell Canada takes Prince Rupert LNG off the project inventory list -- The other shoe dropped on Friday from last years purchase of BG Gas by Royal Dutch Shell, and for Prince Rupert, it brings an end to the much anticipated LNG development proposed for Ridley Island. And while Friday's announcement perhaps was not a surprise for many, it still brings a sense of disappointment for some in the region with yet one more industrial project now off the books and banished to the could have been shelf. While Prince Rupert is on the sidelines with Shell, for Kitimat the Friday still offered some hope, with Shell indicating that they were still exploring their plans for a proposed LNG Canada project in that north coast community.  (posted March 10, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Petronas considers cooperation with Shell for Ridley Island shipment dock-- In a bit of LNG irony, the Shell decision of Friday came in the same week that a story began to percolate involving the proponent for the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, with a suggestion that Petonas and Shell might be exploring the prospect of a share used of a proposed shipment dock off Ridley Island. With Shell pulling the plug on its Prince Rupert plans, that might bring more political pressure put on Petronas to reconsider their Lelu Island plans and seek out the Ridley site for their project.   (posted March 10, 2017)

Budget Presentation tonight highlight's councils focus for 2017 financials -- Our story previewing Monday night's council session and elements of the proposed 2017 Budget attracted a large audience at the start of the week. (posted March 6, 2017)

Familiar themes and a mill rate increase mark Budget Presentation to Council --  Our follow up item to Monday's preview also attracted a strong readership, with a large volume of readers exploring the talking points of the Monday presentation. (posted March 8, 2017)

CityWest Job opportunities for Prince Rupert office -- Our readership levels always increase any time we make note of job openings with the City of Prince Rupert or the city owned communication company CityWest and this week was no exception with two jobs of note at CityWest. There was also some strong interest in our item related to a job opening with the city's Operations Department . (posted March 6, 2017)

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