Monday, March 27, 2017

Large numbers check out Grand Re-Opening for MacKenzie furniture

MacKenzie furniture has come a long way from those early days 94 years ago,
with a new look now complete to their 1st Ave West location
The debut of a stylish new showroom for MacKenzie furniture this weekend proved to be a grand success, with a steady stream of Rupertities and out of town visitors making their way to the 1st Avenue West showroom on Saturday  and Sunday to explore the new look and take advantage of some potential deals on home furnishings.

The expansion and renovation project has been a few years in the planning, with MacKenzie's ownership expressing confidence in the local economy when they decided to move ahead with their long planned project last year.

As part of the work to remake the store, MacKenzie's was able to benefit from the Northern Development Initiative trust business facade program, receiving a share of the available funding to put towards the new face of the building

The re-investment in the community by Mackenzie's Rob Eby continues on with their 94 years of business on the North Coast and provides for employment for local residents and an anchor for the Prince Rupert commercial sector in the face of increased competition from Terrace shopping options and other online opportunities.

It's a brand new look for MacKenzie furniture on 1st Avenue West

From scaffolding to finished project, the new look for MacKenzie
makes quite the impression for the long time Prince Rupert business

The result of the total makeover offers up a showroom that makes more use of the two floors to showcase some of the latest in furniture and appliance offerings, as well as the introduction of a whole new look for the facade of the business with a modern more streamlined visual now offering the welcome to the store.

You can get a sample of some of the furniture and appliances that MacKenzie has, as well as updates from the store through their website and Facebook page.

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