Friday, March 10, 2017

Marine Bonspiel roars down the ice this weekend

They'll be hurrying hard on the east side this weekend as the
66th Annual Marine Bonspiel takes to the ice Friday through Sunday

After a week of what at times seemed like automotive curling on the side streets of Prince Rupert, the more traditional form of the sport takes place this weekend on the pebbled ice of the Prince Rupert Curling Club at Seal Cove.

It's Marine Bonspiel weekend, the much anticipated highlight event of the curling season marking it's 66th Anniversary and an event where the competitive spirit is heard loudly across the rink as some of Prince Rupert's top curlers show their stuff.

Three draws launch the weekend tonight with the curlers on the ice at 6, 8:15 and 10:30 tonight, setting the stage for two full days of curling to follow on Saturday and Sunday.

The opening draws were posted to the Prince Rupert Curling Club Facebook page this week, providing a glimpse of the three days of curling that lay ahead with some familiar names and some brash newcomers ready to take their shot at the Bonspiel title.

Opening night draw for the 66th Annual Marine Bonspiel
at the Prince Rupert Curling Club

(click to expand)

Along with the curling on the ice, the socializing off it will make for a good weekend for all, with a Friday Night Seafood Dinner as well as the always well attended Saturday night dinner.

To slay the thirst of those on the ice, or in the stands, Prince Rupert's Wheelhouse Brewing Company will be offering up their Wheelhouse Gillnetter on tap, while Mucho Gusto Catering is also at the Club through the weekend.

Participants are in line for a number of prizes through the three days, as well as bragging rights for the top team once the final rock is thrown on Sunday.

You can review some of the past curling notes from the Curling Club from their Facebook page here, while our archive of items on the 2017 Curling season can be found here.

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