Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CN Rail shares the word on new grain facility for Prince Rupert

Monday's announcement from the Prince Rupert Port Authority introducing a new service for grain shipment to be based on Ridley Island is being well received by Canadian National Railway, with the potential of the new facility highlighted on the railway's website on Tuesday.

As part of their item highlighting the new Rupert option, CN called attention to how the new facility will add to Canada's imprint on the global market.

We recognize the importance of making Canadian grain competitive on the global market. As such we are pleased to play a role in innovative supply chain partnerships such as this one that will benefit the grain industry.

You can review the CN information release here.

The CN information campaign was part of a multi-media approach with the railway also providing numerous updates on the new Prince Rupert project through their twitter feed.

The attention from CN is just one of a number of industry related shout outs that the new facility has received in recent days.

Some background on how industry stakeholders are viewing the Prince Rupert terminal plans can be found from the items below:

Ray-Mont Logistics to add facility at Port of Prince Rupert
Montreal logistics company sets sights on Prince Rupert
Port of Prince Rupert, Ray-Mont Logistics embark on Ridley Island expansion
Prince Rupert expansion to handle crop containers
Ray-Mont Logistics adding facility for export of containerized Crops at Port of Prince Rupert

For more notes related to the Ray-Mont facility see our archive page here.

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