Friday, March 10, 2017

Drug overdoses claimed one life, resulted in hospitalization of two others last week

Drug overdoses in the community
have made for busy days for local
Emergency Responders
The topic of drug overdoses made for the theme of Facebook for much of Sunday and the days following, with many in the community sharing their thoughts through the communication portal.

The theme started with word of an overdose in the city over the weekend and continued with social media users providing warnings for those in Prince Rupert about potentially lethal drugs making the rounds of the community, noting that there had been talk of a number of overdoses in recent days.

Others expressed thoughts on the growing nature of these incidents and concerns about the potent level of drugs that are being found in the community.

Yesterday, Sergeant Dave Uppal from the Prince Rupert Detachment, while not speaking to those issues directly, did provide some background for radio station CFNR related to one weekend response by members.

As part of an interview with the Terrace based radio station, the RCMP spokesman noted that the RCMP had been called to respond to an incident in the 800 block of Fulton Street on the morning of March 5th.

He recounted as part of the call for service, that Prince Rupert Fire Rescue and the BC Ambulance Service had already arrived  on the scene at the time of the responding officers arrival.

Tragically in that instance, the RCMP were advised that a 21 year old resident of the home had been found deceased inside the residence, Sgt. Uppal noted that the investigation has been handed over to the Coroner's office for further review.

From their report CFNR also notes that the Prince Rupert detachment is continuing to investigate two other incidents related to drugs in the city which resulted in the need for hospitalization.

While the RCMP have not as of yet provided a statement through their Prince Rupert Detachment website, you can review the Sergeant's comments to the radio station here.

More items related to the work of North West emergency responders can be found on our Emergency Services Files page.

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