Friday, March 17, 2017

Public invited to take the new School District website out for a test drive

The way that School District 52 shares information with parents, students and staff is about to get a make over as SD52 introduces a new look to their on line presence.

The new look features a more streamlined visual presentation and access to quick links that should take those seeking information towards those elements of interest much quicker, as well, the site now includes a twitter feed and perhaps the most valuable item of all a search engine.

Expanded contact lists for all of the District Schools, resources for Parents and a look at some of the programs offered are just a few of the areas to explore from the new portal.

The website refresh features an expanded approach to recruitment for both teaching positions and support staff, with some background on how the process works included as part of the overview.

It also retires the old "class photo" of the SD52 trustees, up until this update, that photo had included the long since departed member of Council Judy Carlick-Pearson.

Though at some point the new photo will need an update as well, once Council decides and shares with the public what they plan to do about that still open Council position, which has remained unfilled since November of 2015.

The Trustees and Committees page also provides a roster of assignments and liaison positions that Board members hold.

While they launch the new website, the School District is asking for the feedback from the community, asking for feedback and indications if there are any broken links to be found from the new portal.

You can explore the site from this link, should you find any broken links you can contact the SD52 Help desk to share your research.

Though for now that might be the first issue that the SD52 help desk team wants to address, as clicking on that particular link leads to a Can't find the server notification.

While there still may be a glitch or two to sort out, the new look is impressive and makes accessing information from the School District a much easier process, offering up a more modern template that can direct you to any number of areas to seek out background on a range of topics.

Take it for a test drive here and let them know if they've missed anything that a parent, student or staff member might wish to see included as it evolves.

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