Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring on Forward tonight, with time change taking place overnight

We might be forgiven if we wonder where the Spring part of the Spring time change might be, after a week of snow and even a bit more for our Saturday, a reminder tonight is the night that we turn the clocks ahead one hour.

The nature of the time change makes for a constant debate, somewhat out of step from a century ago when it was more for the benefit of farmers and the need to tend to the crops and their animals. More recently, in the seventies the time change debate revolved around issues of energy conservation.

For those looking to point the finger somewhere about this modern era for the need to change the clocks, as the kids at South Park would say ... Blame Canada.

Still after 100 or so of discussion and occasional threats to abandon the whole idea, we still have the ritual twice a year in most parts of the country (don't go changing Saskatchewan).

The main theme in recent years on the time change requirements comes from the impact on our driving that the first few weeks after a time change takes place as we try to adjust to a changing sleep pattern.

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To give  you something to think about on this dimension of time and what it all means to us ...

Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson with the tutorial, Time it's much more than just moving the clocks ahead or back.


Or we could just enjoy some musical interludes as we change over our clocks in the early morning hours. This should give you enough time ... to cover all the Clocks around your home.


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