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Prince Rupert, Port Edward infrastructure projects included in Friday funding announcement

Federal and Provincial funding for
water infrastructure was announced
on Friday afternoon

(photo from City of PR video)
Infrastructure money will be flowing through the Northwest this year, with the Provincial Government releasing details of an additional 372 million dollars in Funding on Friday, with some high profile North Coast projects among those on the funding list.

The money is part of ongoing infrastructure funding at three levels of government with the partnership including Federal, provincial and municipal contributions.

In a background sheet related to the Funding release, it was noted that the money delivered through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund is in support of the rehabilitation of community drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, as well as the planning and design of future systems that meet drinking and wastewater effluent standards.

Funding support for British Columbia projects were directed towards 144 different proposals related to the delivery of water infrastructure in communities found across the province.

Mayor Lee Brain at the Woodwoorth Dam
as part of the city's video presentation of
last year related to the proposed work required

(From the City of PR website)

For the North Coast, the Province's announcement from Friday outlined the funding arrangement for the City of Prince Rupert's Woodworth Lake Dam replacement project.

From Friday's announcement, the Federal funding is set for $4,295,000, with the province's contribution  to be $2,834,700, as the third partner of the three, the City will be required to put $1,460,300 towards the work.

According to the announcement from the Feds and Province, that money will be available for use as of July 1st of this year.

The Woodworth Dam project is part of the ambitious program that the City of Prince Rupert has plans for, as they look to replace some of the city's aging water related infrastructure.

The need for what will be a three part project to replace the city's water supply system was reviewed last year, with a video presentation included in that overview to highlight the scope of the project.

Port Edward was also included in Friday's funding announcement, with the District to receive funds for a Sanitary and Stormwater Pipe rehabilitation project.

The Federal government is providing $487,500 towards the infrastructure work, the Province will chip in another $321,750 while the District will be adding it's own $165,750 for the project.

The information sheet notes that the money will be available as of June1, 2017.

Friday's funding is in addition to funding that was announced in September of 2016, as part of a Federal/Provincial bilateral agreement.

A number of other communities in the Northwest are set to receive new funding allocations as well, from Friday's announcement those projects include:

Terrace (2 projects)

Terrace Wastewater System
Federal -- $1,327,287
Provincial -- $876,009
Municipal -- $451,279
Funding availability -- April 1, 2017

Terrace Reservoir Capacity Improvement Design
Federal -- $100,000
Provincial -- $66,000
Municipal -- $34,000
Funding was available as of -- December 1, 2016



Water System Back Up Power and Pump 6V upgrade
Federal -- $375,000
Provincial -- $247,500
Municipal -- $127,500
Funding availability -- May 3, 2017



Main Street to Victoria Drive Watermain Looping Project
Federal -- $282,500
Provincial -- $186,450
Municipal -- $96,050
Funding availability -- May 14, 2017



Water Treatment Plant Assessment and Water Supply Update
Federal -- $24,869
Provincial -- $16,413
Municipal -- $8,456
Funding was available as of -- November 1, 2016



Lagoon Outfall Upgrades
Federal -- $167,224
Provincial -- $110,368 
Municipal -- $56,857 
Funding available -- July 15, 2017



Bay Street Storm and Watermain Replacement
Federal -- $175,450
Provincial -- $115,797 
Municipal -- $59,653 
Funding available -- June 1, 2017


New Hazelton

13th Avenue Waterline Upgrade
Federal -- $405,250
Provincial -- $267,465
Municipal -- $137,785
Funding available -- June 1, 2017



Stewart Wastewater Rehabilitation
Federal -- $560,000
Provincial -- $369,600
Municipal -- $190,400
Funding was made available -- January 4, 2017


Communities on Haida Gwaii were not listed as part of Friday's announcement.

You can review the background page to the funding here, while the full list of BC projects to be funded can be found here.

For more notes related to Prince Rupert area infrastructure plans see our archive page here.

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