Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pinoy store offers familiar Filipino themes for residents and visitors alike

A new business in the downtown area of the city is helping to build on the growing theme of expanding on the many cultures that call Prince Rupert home, with Andhielhang's Pinoy store now offering a range of items that will be quite familiar for the city's Filipino community.

The Grand opening of the store at 313 Third Avenue West, across the Ocean Centre, took place earlier this month and from that celebration word has quickly spread about the products and friendly atmosphere that the store offers.

And while it's designed with the city's Filipino community in mind, it offers a chance for others in the region to sample some of the favourite items that come from the South pacific.

Filipino items are now available at
Anehielhang's Pinoy Store
on Third Avenue West
It should also prove to be a welcoming destination for the large number of crew members that call on the port facilities of the Port of Prince Rupert.

Many of the crew positions on the cargo vessels and container ships that call on Prince Rupert are held by workers of Filipino descent and the opportunity to find a little corner of home on this side of the Pacific should help spread the word on the new store.

The Third Avenue location makes for a perfect location to serve that potential group, located but one block away from the Prince Rupert Seafarers Mission, where volunteers will surely direct visiting sailors to take the walk one block west to see what may be available.

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