Sunday, March 26, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending March 26, 2017

Another service option for the Port and job creation for the North Coast highlighted the list of five top stories this week.

As the Port of Prince Rupert and a Quebec based shipping terminal outlined plans for a new shipping service to be located on Ridley Island.

LNG continues to create news for the region as well, with the Aurora LNG project proposed for Digby Island seeking a 56 day pause in their environmental certificate review process.

Civic Infrastructure wishes received a significant boost with two of our stories on the week highlighting the reaction to the announced of 7 million dollars in funding for the Woodworth Dam project from Federal and provincial sources.

And with the Legislature now in suspension, the provincial election campaign is starting to ramp up in its efforts, this week North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice received some welcome news with an endorsement from an Ontario based environmental organization.

However, the top story of the week turns our focus to the Port, and an addition to the industrial footprint found at Ridley Island.

Port of Prince Rupert to expand Agricultural shipments, as Quebec based company announces Ridley Island facility -- Word of an expansion of service from the Port of Prince Rupert was celebrated this week, as readers explored our notes on this weeks announcement of a new agriculture shipment shipment facility for the community. A follow up item that reviewed some of the industry reaction to the new Prince Rupert service also had a large audience this week. (posted March 20, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Aurora LNG seeks 56 day pause on review of Digby Island LNG project -- The clock is temporarily stopped for one of the high profile LNG projects proposed for the region, with Aurora LNG requesting a pause from the BC Environmental Assessment Agency, as they look to address some concerns raised as part of their recent  community consultation period.    (posted March 22, 2017)

Prince Rupert, Port Edward infrastructure projects included in Friday funding announcement -- The Federal and Provincial Governments delivered over 7 million dollars late last week, awarding funding towards the City of Prince Rupert's plans to replace Woodworth Dam. The City issued its own media statement on Tuesday that outlined what its contribution to that project will be.  (posted March 20 , 2017)

At City Council, there's No Feud, like an Old Feud -- The Federal/Provincial grant funding provided Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain with an opportunity to call for a retraction from the weekly newspaper related to a pair of articles written in October of last year.   (posted March 22, 2017)

Jennifer Rice gains endorsement of National Organization on environmental issues -- Incumbent MLA Jennifer Rice received a boost heading into what should be a very competitive North Coast election campaign. With an environmental group known as GreenPac giving Ms. Rice their endorsement,  one of their six endorsements that the group has provided to BC politicians to this point.  (posted March 21, 2017)

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