Monday, March 20, 2017

Introducing candidate Pond ... Liberal candidate shares video as campaign starts to move forward

"Somewhere along the way, we realized we belong here" -- North Coast Liberal candidate Herb Pond's opening notes from a new video presentation from the BC Liberals

For many on the North Coast an introduction to the Liberal candidate Herb Pond is probably not something that is required.

The long time resident of Prince Rupert has become a permanent fixture on the local scene over his thirty years plus residence in the region, from his time with Canadian Airlines, through his service in municipal government, community organization efforts, work with First Nations and most recently as the local face for the energy giant BG Gas and their former aspirations for LNG in the region.

All in all, it's pretty safe to say that there aren't many in the immediate Prince Rupert area that don't know Mr. Pond, though perhaps in some of the farther reaches of this sprawling North Coast riding, his past efforts may not be quite as well known.

Still, with a provincial election campaign now shifting gears towards the May 9th voting day, the need to get more of the message of the candidates to the voters is taking on a more accelerated pace.

Friday, the BC Liberals moved Mr. Pond's quest for provincial office into motion, introducing a three and a half minute video, where their candidate provides a short thumbnail guide to his time in the region, his experiences in a variety of industries and his work in both municipal and First Nations government.

The video delivers a range of themes from the involvement of Mr. Pond and his family in the community, to a look back to the struggles the community has faced in the past and on to Mr. Pond's optimism for the future for the region.

The presentation features a significant focus on the First Nations on the North Coast, as well as Mr. Pond's experiences and advocacy for issues for all residents of the region.

The video, the first of what we imagine will be a few video updates is centred on the Prince Rupert and North Coast region, however as the Liberals and Mr. Pond no doubt realize, the road to Victoria on May 9th is going to require some success on Haida Gwaii and the Central Coast.

At some point soon, we imagine Mr. Pond and a BC Liberal film crew will be boarding a BC ferry seeking to stake out some political themes across Hecate Strait and along the Central Coast, offering the chance for the candidate to expand his affection for where he calls home to the west and south.

You can review the video from the candidate's Facebook page here.

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