Sunday, August 27, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending August 27, 2017

LNG and politics, both provincial and municipal dominate our list of the five most read items of the week.

Th week started with the latest news out of the Malaysian offices of Petronas indicating that while the days of terminal development in Prince Rupert may be at an end, the opportunity to invest in an ongoing project in Kitimat may be next up for the energy giant.

Some of our notes on politics also found a wide number of readers this week, with a fair amount of interest directed to the newest hires for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice's Prince Rupert constituency office.

Two items from our review of Monday's City council session also attracted a large audience, with our notes on a presentation to Council from the detachment commander of the RCMP and the ongoing concerns of Councillor Barry Cunningham on the poor state of the downtown area both resonating with our readers.

And when they weren't looking to the sky, readers were looking to the blog for some notes on Monday's Solar eclipse, the much anticipated event even delivered some clear skies for the North Coast, with the clouds parting for occasional glimpses of the transit of the Moon and the sun.

The top story of the week however keeps the LNG files on the front burner, as we review another twist in the LNG prospects for the Northwest.

Will Prince Rupert's Petronas loss, become Kitimat's Petronas gain  -- The LNG door may be closed in Prince Rupert, but for Malaysia's Petronas, the door may be opening to a share of the investment in the LNG Canada project in Kitimat  (posted August 21, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Clouds will intrude on Prince Rupert's Solar eclipse experience -- Despite a gloomy morning and occasional rain, the clouds parted just enough for a one hour period to allow North Coast residents a glimpse of Monday's Solar eclipse   (posted August 21, 2017)

Joseph Jack's parachute lands at NDP offices on Third Avenue West -- A short stop over with Black Press on Fraser Street propelled the now former Northern View reporter on to a staff position with North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice. The MLA introduced her new Prince Rupert team through a post election newsletter  posted to her social media stream this week. (posted August 22, 2017)

Prince Rupert City Council hears of successes and challenges of policing in the city -- Members of Prince Rupert City Council received an extensive overview the current policing activities out of the streets of the city, as Blake Ward, the Commander of the local detachment provided a review of a number of themes in the community (posted August 24, 2017)

Councillor Cunningham keeps heat on City Council over conditions of downtown buildings -- With few signs of progress to be found for his point of view, City Councillor Cunningham once again raised a number of concerns that he has over the visual look to the city's downtown area (posted August 25, 2017)

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